Striking Haagen Dazs Berry Pickers Return to Work


Don't they do the same thing by awarding scores of Boy and Girl Tech Geniuses billions in capital when their companies fail to show any way of supporting it with profits? Or when their ideas or management skills fall far below even an experienced adult engineer?

That's good news. I hope they will continue to negotiate for higher wages.
Thanks for covering this story! It take alot of courage for people in a marginalized situation to stand up for their rights.
Until the workers' demands are met, I won't be buying Sakura Farms, Driscoll's berries or Haagen Daz products. I hope others will consider doing the same.
March 31st should be a national holiday (Ceasar Chavez's birthday)

Everyone should buy and watch this film…

And while we’re at it Humberto (Bert) Corona’s birthday (May 29) should also be a national holiday
Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. If Sakuma Farms is at all interested in keeping its business relations with Haagen Dazs and other partners, and I'm sure it is, it should negotiate with its workers and meet their demands in full. A slightly higher amount per pound is not going to cut it. As an employer, Sakuma Farms is responsible for providing its workers livable and dignified wages. I'm sure its contract with Haagen Dazs alone allows for this. In any case, until Sakuma Farms agrees to meet the demands of its workers - including those related to workplace relations and discriminatory practices - I'm refusing to buy any of its products. My family is not the only one boycotting Sakuma Farms until this issue is resolved, I know countless individuals and families who refuse to tolerate such injustice.
15cents raise per 12 lbs is pretty underwhelming. Hopefully they can get more than that.
Keep boycotting folks, it'll only make the berries cheaper. $3.99 a tray today! Holy shit!
" Hopefully they can get more than that."

Or be replaced. Supply and demand and all that.
Hey Ansel, their former wages were more than yours, ya dumb chump.
The recently picketed Haagen Dazs ice cream parlor in the U-District is independently owned and has no relationship with Sakuma Farms. Even corporate Haagen Dazs has little if any relationship to Sakuma.. Corporate Haagen Dazs buys a "vintage" variety of strawberry from family-owned Mayberry Farms in Washington state. Mayberry buys some of these vintage strawberry seedlings from Sakuma. There are no "Haagen Dazs berry pickers" !
Please note: my friend's Haagen Dazs shop is not a corporate franchise. It is a tiny independently owned franchise struggling to provide high quality and great service while supporting a dozen part-time employees and a delightful family.
The vintage strawberry in question would no longer exist because it is too small and fragile for our bio-engineered big box farm marketplace. It only exists by special request of Haagen Dazs secret strawberry ice cream recipe, and it is only picked at Mayberry Farms and one other farm in Oregon, not at Sakuma.