Chuck Palahniuk Forgets About the Second Rule of Fight Club


Chuck Pahlaniuk gotta eat!
Paul, stop being a fucking purist. Rockers gotta eat. Or should they just find regular jobs in spite of people willing to pay them to perform their old material.Those fans of artists old catalog.

Get the fuck out of analogies you don't understand you unqualified hack.
I think Palahniuk is eating just fine. This is like when Tag-Team did a remix of "Whoop There It Is" ten years after the fact.
I am Jack's total lack of interest.
Ditto on the barf, and the repeated let downs.
Also, isn't Jack explicitly *not* the name of the narrator? I am Jack's raging bile duct, indeed.
@6 - I'm not entirely sure that Palahniuk's actually read his own book.

Regardless, the movie was significantly better than the book anyway.
Thank you evilvolus. It's so rarely stated but so often true that movies are better than the books that inspire them. Fight Club was a sorta rough short story that evolved into a mess of a book before being cleaned up into a pretty damn good film.
I thought Survivor was pretty good
6: You are correct. Jack is only named Jack in the film.
How is this a useful review? Paul Constant: Guy Who Hates All Things.
@11 It's not a review, it's a reaction to a news release. It's an opinion, even, I dare say, an educated opinion. You don't like Constant's opinions? Don't fucking read 'em.

Survivor, Lullaby and Diary where all brilliant! Choke being ok and the rest being mostly fixated on the method more than the story but Fight Club wasn't his ONLY good book.

But still like some have said before: Paluhniuks gotta eat. Although personally I would love a good rendition of Lullaby in comic form before even touching on Fight Club (which wasn't nearly as good).
Oh oh Invisible Monster!!!! How could I forget that one? I've read it like ten times. Paul, dont make me fly to Seattle and read it to you until you like it!
You must admit that any Palahniuk book is a higher literary achievement than say, a poll about a movie trailer.

I really liked Rant, that sick fucker.
It's hard to see how this isn't your fault for falling for his bullshit in the first place
The main character has no name in both the book and the film, the refer to him as "Jack" because that's what he decides to use after reading those magazines, as in "I am Jack's complete lack of surprise."

Also why in the fuck would anyone believe that the main character married Marla Singer?
@14 .... And yet Dan Savage is the one getting glitterbombed.
I thought Survivor was a superior book to Fight Club.
clever dig on kim deal and the breeders...
@10 - he's not Jack in the film, either. He's just "the narrator."
@21 - If anyone watched the film and was going to assign a name to the narrator, it would be Cornelius, which is the only name he ever claimed. It was an obvious lie, though.

@8 - I appreciate the agreement, but I have to disagree that it's "so often" the case. I would argue that Fight Club is in the minority. But it's so drastically superior to the novel that it has long been my go-to that it's possible for a film to better the book.