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The best part of this is that Mormons are NOT Christians.

@1 Sure they are. They self-identify as Christian. And they believe in Christ. Who are you to say they are not?
...except that they "believe" in Jesus Christ. Only they believe a bunch of wacky things about JC, like that he appeared in North America to the first nations people here, too.
Don't like it here? Move somewhere else.

Surprised it didn't occur to you honestly.

Oh, in passing, someone posting something on the internet or tweeting about it isn't actually a guaranty of truth.
"Love Thy Neighbor" in action.
i grew up inside a small Catholic. my mom was only 5'-3".
Yeah, a bunch of "wacky" things about the guy...like he was the product of a virgin birth, and raised someone from the dead, and turned water into wine, and walked on water, and came back from the dead...that's not wacky at all.
@3: Anyone who believes anything about Jesus beyond "he's a guy who may or may not have existed about 2000 year ago" has wacky beliefs about him.

If you believe that he is the son of god (and god himself) who walked on water and turned water into wine and came back to life after three days dead, why is it any wackier to believe that he appeared in the Americas too?

The main difference between Mormonism and mainstream Christianity is that Mormonism is new enough that we have historical memory of the conman who started it. The conmen who started the Christian church have been lost to memory.
Sounds like Freedom® to me.
I also grew up in a small Mormon town. Not to discount anyone else's experiences, but this kind of thing did not happen. Yes, if there was a 'benediction' at a school event, it was given as a prayer with Mormon phrasing. That's about as far as it went. There were a few non-Mormon students, but as far as I know, the only harassment they experienced was stupid questions.
@8, Mormon theology departs from ALL other Christian denominations and sects on matters such as the Trinity, who Satan is, and the afterlife. We can objectivly call them a different religion, albeit one that still falls under the Abramic umbrella.
..because jesus is ALL about beating people up that don't believe in him....especially jews.
A friend of mine (ex-Mormon now) told me that growing up, her parents would read the books assigned in class beforehand and glue sticky-notes over any passages which hinted at sexual content or swear words. Which I suppose is better than crusading to get them banned, but I can only imagine she came away with a very confusing impression of Lolita.
Um, Seattleblues apparently doesn't understand what a satirical twitter account is. Then again, Seattleblues is baffled by the scientific method so it's no surprise.
Growing up in South Seattle we were so much more liberal. The one openly Jewish family in our school was teased for skipping the Christmas assembly, sure, but we'd also allow them to do presentations on some of their weird holidays.
@4 I know the General, and can vouch for the character of the man behind the character. If he says this happened, I trust him that it did.

Who are you to decide that "self identifying" is all it takes to be a Christian? Self-identifying as a gas station attendant isn't sufficient to be a gas station attendant.

More importantly, Mormons think they're qualified to say who isn't a Christian. Mormons themselves certainly wouldn't buy the tolerant principle that "self identification" is all it takes to be one.

As far as I'm concerned, anybody who thinks Mormons aren't Christians has every right to say so and they should do so loudly and often.

Reap what you sow.
That parent needed a gun so they could stand their ground. Am I right? Huh?
@2: And Christians believe in the God of the Torah. Doesn't make 'em Jewish. There are some pretty significant theological differences between Mormonism and mainstream Christianity that raise the question of whether Mormons are Christians, a new faith that evolved from Christianity, or a cult.

But none of that theological blather goes to the larger point you were making, that religious majorities in the country can and frequently do use their access to state power to oppress religious minorities. And that's a major failure of the promise implicit in the 1st Amendment.
@6 This is why I refuse to live inside a Mormon.
the deviants and perverts deciding who is and isn't a xtian....

good fun,
@21 yes it is. Unlike when the fundies and jesus-freaks attempt to limit and restrict the civil rights of others. Then shit gets real. Note how us freaks and pervs have been working to and succeeding at granting those rights. Screw the fundies and jesus-freaks!
Mormons are obviously christians, saying otherwise is a little silly. They believe in the divinity of Christ. Are they different from protestants and evangelicals? Yes. But so are Catholics. I understand that the theological divide is greater between Mormons and other mainstream christians (or at least it is perceived to be now, the differences between protestants and catholics was once percieved to be great enough to fuel hundreds of years of wars and violence).
FYI, for those unfamiliar with the nature of his work, this is from his web site http://patriotboy.blogspot.com:

"Lawyer Stuff: This is political satire. Everything posted here should be understood in that context."
I haven't read Jesus's General in forever...
"You're in a cult!" said the cultist to the cultist.
When we are done with the "what is a christian debate," we should start on the "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin" debate.

Religions and gods are solely in the head of their believers, and so all it takes to be a member of that flock is the belief you are, really. Everything else is just a social label that has little to do with anything. Everyone on the planet believes in a different god anyway. Who cares about games of pretend?

@22: Thanks for the COSTCO CHICKEN MEME explanation yesterday. I love it when Will in Seattle pretends he is the Forrest Gump of the PNW, a present and driving force in every social, political, and scientific event. Did you see when he claimed to be the person who came up with and successfully pitched the idea of that tunnel? Hilarious.
@20 @6

I'm more than happy to get inside a Mormon every once in a while.

I would never dream of staying.
@27 you're welcome. And no, I missed Will taking credit for the tunnell but I am not surprised he would. That sounds very much like him.
The gaping hole in that argument is that to be a gas station attendant, the management of a gas station has to hire you. Not parallel to claiming that an imaginary sky fairy is your special, invisible friend. If your delusions include that Cristy critter and you want to call yourself a Christian, good on you.

Agreed that other types of Christians have ironclad justification to call Mormons heretics at the top of their lungs. I remain shocked and stunned that Rmoney got as many votes from the Teabillies as he did. Those peoples' grandparents would be spinning in their graves. Back in the good old days, the Klan tried to kick Catholics out of town, and now a MORMON can run for President? How the self-righteous have fallen.

And what @8 said.
In the situation the Jewish kid faced, I would have happily accepted the invitation to lead the class in prayer, and then launched into the Amidah or the Hatzi Kaddish. The best part is, there's nothing in there that's objectionable to Christianity's tenets.
Still would have gotten beaten though, because the kind of people who want to mandate prayer in schools are entitled falsely-pious little shits.

@4: "Don't like it here? Move somewhere else."
I suppose that's your advice to those uppity Negroes complaining about water fountains and suchlike. Will you leave the country when gay marriage is legal nationwide?
Again, Seattleblues, this is not YOUR country. You are not the only one who gets to decide what's right and just.

...someone posting something on the internet or tweeting about it isn't actually a guaranty of truth

OMG. Said the dude who lied about owning a house in Italy. The balls and fucking lack of self awareness.



You've read too much Hume or not read Kant.

Objective existence of a thing doesn't rely on your agreement.

Oh, and obsessive parsing of everything someone writes for what you believe to be lies isn't clever- it's just creepy
Guys, the thumbnail on this account is "Buddy Christ" from Kevin Smiths movie Dogma. JC_Christian is a clearly a troll account. A pretty good example of Poe's Law- Any sufficiently advanced troll is indistinguishable from a genuine kook. Don't feed the trolls people. Goldy you should know better, lol.

Sorry Goldy, but if you want me to take anything posted under the name of Jesus' General as a description of real events, simply because you know and vouch for "the man behind the character", then we need to start with him reposting it under the name belonging to the man, not the name belonging to the character.

Yeah! Cuz equal rights for citizens is exactly the same thing as....

Wait- how did you come by that asinine comparison?

There are a lot of people here, Mudede and Goldstein for example, who are old enough to know better but too stupid to realize how silly nearly everything they believe is. You're possibly smart enough to good naturedely laugh at this younger you in time. You're better than that foolish comment.

He's not a troll, he's a satirist.
@33: Actually, ideas had nothing to do with the realization that you lied about your house in Italy. You claimed to be there, but were shown to be posting on an American IP. Remember how you were proven to be lying?

Also, the fact that you claim that non-christians should leave this country if they do not like christianity shoved down their throats, and then claim this has nothing to do with a comparison to civil rights is laughably stupid, even for you.

Which is something you could, and probably should, consider a possibility for every other troll you encounter, too.
Telling people they should just move somewhere else if they are discriminated against is toxic for civilized society and fundamentally anti-American. It's weird how the ones who cling tightest to their identity as the True American Patriot are often the ones who understand and appreciate the greatness of this country the least.

Hardly. JC Christian has a long history on the Internet as a tongue-in-cheek satirist. SeattleBlues does not. Or do you get upset with the Onion when you mistakenly assume one of their articles is real?

But of course some people do, in fact, get upset when they mistakenly assume an article in The Onion is a straight news piece.

Ask yourself this: if SeattleBlues were a satirist, what would the target of that satire be?

Could it be the stereotypical mental portrait some liberals tend to paint of those they disagree with? Could it be a particular angry flavor of self-righteous certainty evinced by a given segment of SLOG posters and comment-writers? Can you think of other possibilities, or does the suggestion that you might benefit from imagining other targets of satire here at SLOG bother you?

Do you think all satire should be gentle, broad, and/or clearly marked, and that if it isn't, it's not allowed to be satire anymore? Must all satire be both intentional and sufficiently obvious to be perceived as such by all who consume it?
@33 And Blahs needs to read Einstein or at the very least Newton. Because you don't seem to have a basic grasp of the laws of physics.

For the cheap seats:

On the day in question a year or so ago Seattleblahs reported to be posting from his house in Italy. Late the night before he had claimed to readying for his trip to catch a plane(you can search the archives for it).

This left only a a very short turn around to get from Seattle to Rome. Outside of an ICBM or SR-71, there is no commercial flight capable of making that journey without altering space time.

I travel a great deal. Including to Italy. Since I fly on buddy-passes, thus on standby, I have to be acutely aware of times and connecting flights. We were also planning a trip to France. But in order to get Business Class on the buddy-pass I may've had to fly through Rome, etc. So I knew the flights intimately.

I asked Seattleblahs his flight number, he deflected in his usual lunatic-broken-record manner and kept posting from "Italy."

This was of course a trick question. There were NO direct flights from Seattle to Rome that could possible get him to Italy to be posting when he claimed. Nor from Vancouver or Portland. And to connect from Atlanta or New York would have put him in Rome over 12 hours later than he claimed.

He was BUSTED.

When confronted with this fact Blahs ran off.

And now the requisite amount of time has elapsed to allow his meds to rewire the decrepit rusty fuse box he calls a cortex. And once again his delusions manifest.

@38 Oh. Yeah. The IP. I forgot about that.
@Creepy internet stalker

Yeah. So an inadvertent mistake made a long time ago means that the stone and stucco and terra cotta of my house puff out of existence? (And frankly I don't remember the technical details for two reasons- I use computers, smart phones and the like because I must, but neither love nor understand them, and I unlike you apparently have a life.)

But you keep records of what I've written and even of my IP address? Get help. Really, before you do yourself or more importantly someone else an injury.
@ 45, we will judge whether you made a "mistake" or a "lie," and whether it was "inadvertent" or not.

Personally, I don't remember anyone catching you redhanded as described, even though I recall your "trip." I'll go check it out when I don't have anything better to do. BUT... I have caught you in other lies, not a big whopper as this one tkc speaks of, but lies nonetheless. So you don't have any benefit of the doubt because you spent that already.

Incidentally, is business slow? You're here an awful lot lately. You were gone a long time after your setbacks on Slog last year. Now you're almost an everyday poster again.
@45 Oh. Here you go. Stalker. you mean somebody actually paid attention to your ravings for once?

Yes, it's me. That with my evil unfair sense of guile have literally forced the fabric of space to betray you.

So. It was "mistake" that you thought you were in Italy, when in fact you were not?

That's not a mistake. That's called dementia.

Or lying.

Again you posted at a time when you were definitely in Seattle. You said so. And then short time later posted claiming you were in Italy.

The transit and laws of nature between the two posts make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to be in Italy where you said you were.

So you are either a lying sack of shit. Or you have early onset Alzheimer's. I can be merciful and choose the latter.
It is not surprising Seattleblues has clay feet and is prone to falsehoods and over exaggerating. Many of us, myself included, have fallen to that weakness. It's his penchant for malice and vituperative statements that allows everyone to see his character. No worries, right? He's the one that believes he's a Christian saved by grace, and believes he'll have an answer for his actions. Best to just let him workout his salvation on his own; and, back away from his rants. Feeding rants only multiplies them. Only encourages the behavior.
@36: WHETHER OR NOT you agree that racial discrimination is similar to homophobic discrimination, or that laws banning certain forms of each are comparable, the point I am making is this:
When you believe something is wrong, your suggestion is to fight to have it changed, to rally your compatriots and restore your brand of justice to the nation. When we believe something is wrong, you say we should give up on changing it and just leave.
This disparity reflects a stunning sense of entitlement. You seem to believe in earnest that you alone have to right and power to decide how this country should be run, and that anyone who disagrees with you is by definition A Commie Who Hates America.
Now I'm somewhat of an arrogant sonofagun (e.g. my pretentious wording in this post), but my petty sneering pales in comparison to your massively narcissistic hubris. It ain't all about you, Seattleblues! The Earth does not revolve around your excessively voluminous ego!
People are mean, yo. Even sometimes if they are 'religious'. Actions not words. What is spirituality anyway?
@45: Baby, you don't know how magnets work. Oh, and have you shown your Pastor you posts yet?
@48: Kim! Yay! We've missed you!
He's lucky, the Mohammedans would have cut his head off and put the video of the murder on youtube.
#3, only the Canucks call them "first nations." We call them Indians, even though they're not.
Seattleblues is baffled by the scientific method so it's no surprise.

Seattle's orthodox bed-wetting progressive liberals hate science and facts just as much as any far rightwingnut ever did.
@54: 2quoque4me
@55: Oh he's not going to know what that means. :)