Smart Republicans Try to Convince Dumb Republicans to Lay Off Abortion for a While


Smart Republican? That's an oxymoron.
they control 3/5 of the country?

by population or by number of states?

and you're right, they won't back off - this has been a policy goal for decades. if they don't enact it now, while they hold gerrymandered power, the coming demographic tidal wave will make it impossible in the future.

they're counting on midterm swing voter apathy and the short memories of a flibberdigibbet nation to overcome the outrage in 2014.

it's not a bad bet.
There's no point even bringing the Supreme Court into this discussion unless at least two of the hard-right Justices die or retire and are replaced by centrists/liberals, since the entire thrust of Dick Cheney's appointments was to push the Court as far to the right as possible and make the changes last a good long while.
Maybe they should stop raping women and forcing them to carry to full term a horrific reminder of a violent crime.
And once that child is born, attempt to shame women for having a child out of wedlock.
And then do everything they can to eliminate any kind of societal responsibility for a child they intend to force women to bare.
Then funneling as many of those children through a funnel of poverty toward indentured servitude.

Just sayin'
Republicans conveniently forget that when Roe v Wade was decided the concern about a abortion was a public health issue, women were dying.

As for Republicans being fiscally responsible, if 30 years of data clearly demonstrating that when Republicans are in power they spend like drunkin sailors chasing whores.....

Reagan deeply damaged this nation.
They "control" 3/5 of the country by gerrymandered congressional district bullshit.
I don't really see much chance of a Republican Resurgence in the near term. At best, given the numbers I'd say we'll turn into a party full of Moderates and intellectuals that can garner about 20% of the vote on average.

If unemployment falls back down to low levels...which it will... the Democrat Socialists will be in full charge. However, I do think at the point that the dusk settles its more likely that a far left party will break off combining Naderists, Greens, and Occupants, SEIU and labor unionists and very poor people, pot freedomists, super environmentalists.

These guys could end up with a good chunk of the Democrats 80% but would probably vote with them more than against them.

You may ask about the Moral Majority, Reaganists and racialists...those guys are simply dying off. 20 years and most of those beliefs will be considered mental illnesses.