Is Bad Publicity Enough to Change Crappy Developments in Wallingford, Queen Anne, and West Seattle?


What we don't need in LQA/Uptown is more strip mall looking corporate razing of local business. The neighborhood is still reeling from the nice shiny new goddamn Chase bank that replaced Easy Street...Not that I'm a big fan of Kid Valley, but there's gotta be something more productive (and attractive) that can be done with that corner.
Well, that's a dumb flyer. There aren't any CVS pharmacies in Washington State. Might have been good to choose something people are more familiar with like Rite Aid or Walgreen's.
They can't force someone to build a bigger building, but they can perhaps prevent them from knocking down the existing building.
@2: for fuck's sake: did you actually read the article? It makes it very clear why CVS is in the poster. Face. Palm.
Whatever they replace it with will be fucking hideous. I guarantee it. And it will have a grotesque chain store in it -- unless it stands empty. Nothing else will be able to afford the rents of new construction. They can build up, though; might as well go to five stories while you have the chance. The whole city should be five stories; five stories is paradise.

I love that some douchenozzle has corrected the grammar on the poster; how classically Seattle.
And in Wallingford it's what, a half block from a Bartell's?
@6, a bit further than that, but yeah. Just over a block. Giant, horrible, prison-like Walgreens five blocks west. There was briefly a Rite Aid across the street and a block east about a decade ago, but it failed.

In the future, every shop will be a chain drugstore.
Walgreens built their store on 15th instead. Despite a lot of signs just like that one.
And who thinks ruining just three Seattle neighborhoods will be enough for CVS? When, as already noted, they have zero stores in Washington so far. As one of the largest retailers in the country this must drive the Suits absolutely freaking bonkers.

"As of December 31, 2011, we employ approximately 200,000 colleagues in 44 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. We operate more than 7,327 retail stores, 30 onsite pharmacies, 31 specialty pharmacy stores, 13 specialty mail order pharmacies, four mail order pharmacies, and our and websites. In addition, our MinuteClinic division runs approximately 657 retail health care clinics."

Just imagine: if they're successful in getting established here, some day you'll be able to buy CVS-brand toilet paper from a CVS "colleague" almost anywhere around our fair city. Oh boy!
This is fucking stupid. We've seen this movie before. Remember the Wedgwood QFC? 1999?

Shout from the rooftops all you want. Then go into CVS when it opens and buy yourself a lozenge.
@7 - Walgreens on Stone Way & 45th is giant, horrible, and prison-like? It's one floor in a building that was largely unused for many, many years. They just repurposed the one unit. Overdosing on haterade much?
@2 There is a Bartell's, a QFC, and a Pharmaca all within a couple of blocks of the proposed CVS. There is also a Walgreen's a little further down 45th on Stone. Not only is the building design shitty, but there is NO NEED for a CVS in that neighborhood. If they wanted to put their CVS down across from Wine World, they'd probably get a little less pushback on the CVS portion, but shitty design is still shitty design, no matter where it is.

CVS colleagues? Ugh. That's as bad as Walmart associates. Just be truthful, corporate - call them employees or call them slaves.