I don't eat fast food and after seeing this it just makes me gag. I wonder if they are processed in China? I won't eat anything from China.
Please don't link to Natural News. Zero credibility. They're anti-vaccine loons and worse:

I wouldn't believe anything on that site.
Natural news is a bullshit sensationalist site with no understanding of research or scientific method. Their agenda is to promote their worldview (down with big pharma! boo vaccines! The government is a conspiracy!). They're always publishing "facts" that they've invented to meet their agenda. I don't believe a word that they publish and you shouldn't either.
It's probably similar to a lot of germs you'll find on most organic food. Chicken nuggets are fatty and bad for you but let's not pretend they're some immediate disease ridden health hazard. If this was actually the case the hundreds of millions of americans who eat McNuggets would be flooding hospitals.

I'm all for acknowledging studies from credible sources like universities and health departments but "Natural News Forensic Food Laboratory" is not on that list.
If you really want to see some scary and gross shit, do that with some fresh fruits and vegetables.
@6 You make good points. However, some adverse health effects don't show up for decades.
Adding my voice to express my disappointment at the anti-science quackery slog is apparently influenced by with linking to this ridiculous website. Please don't write about science if you don't understand it. I thought the stranger was better than this.
I'm with the others. Natural Health News is not a credible source.
Also the things that might actually have serious adverse effects long term can't even be seen under a microscope. They are chemical additives. Ugh, this is so stupid it's making me more sick than any images of magnified processed meat even could.
If you think this is bad, try it with your organic produce from the farmers market and you'll feel sick. Try it with your favorite restaurant and you'll never eat food again.
12: I can only imagine. I'm not kidding with that subject line.
Oh, and not just Natural News, but Infowars up in the hizzouse. Look at that last video. Urp. Now I'm feeling ill and I haven't eaten anything. What's next, 9/11 conspiracy? Eugenics? Lizard people? Numerology?
Wait, I thought liberals were pro-science?
What everyone else said.

Look at just about anything under a microscope and you'll gag. Put some tap water under there and you'll see shit swimming around.

This isn't even credible enough to qualify as junk science. It's just junk.
I just figure this stuff is safe since it's washed with amonia, frozen, then brought up to temperature in a fryer. The fibers are prob bug hairs, but, we could stand to be eating more bugs anyway. If westerners are to learn to switch to insect protein, McDonald's food scientists are most qualified to make that happen. (And yea, I'm gagging on my words)
I'd stopped eating fast food as a step towards better general health a few years ago. Then last year I found myself on a long car trip, desperately hungry, with a McDonalds the only option for miles. I got the nuggets, which I used to eat regularly, and within 30 minutes of eating was wracked with stomach cramps, cold sweat, and horrible gas. I haven't eaten there since.
I bought a half bushel of Chesapeake blue crabs last night, steamed them alive, and then ripped them apart with by bare hands to suck out the meat and innards.

Saw grosser stuff in those crabs than from those images. All I see in the picures is bland processed meat and the various weirdness that is in all animal products if you look close enough.
This is a bad post, David. And you should feel bad.
No ingredient derived from raw materials (flour, chicken) can be completely purified - you're always going to find random bits of stuff under a microscope. That's why the FDA has "food defect action levels" - maximum acceptable levels of "crud" (for lack of a better term) for various types of food. For example, the average max. acceptable level for "insect filth" in wheat flour is "75 or more insect fragments per 50 grams." There are limits for fly eggs in pizza sauce, "mammalian excreta" in spices, etc. See:… for more details, lol.

Against my better judgment, I took a look at Adams' "evidence." Suffice it to say, the photos are a lot tamer than the language used to describe them.
No post about grossness today can be complete without a mention (I dare not link) of a certain reddit post last night. If you're as equally grossed out/fascinated by medical oddness as I, go there and search "25 year old blackhead" if you dare. But not at work. Not in public. Maybe not ever.
As a microscopist I can say that most of those images are either of discolorations or VERY TINY synthetic fibers that are floating around in the air pretty much in any indoor environment. It could have even been contaminated post delivery of the food item.
Slog's new resident Scientician?
@24: "Oh, I'd better make sure these slides are clean..."

*wipes slide on shirt*

"Okay, let's get to microscoping!"
"They are made of meat"
Hello complainers! In deference to your complaints, I will remove the "science" tag from this post.
The thing that grosses me out more is the bizarre consistency of the "chicken nugget" itself. That don' look like no meat. Looks like the chicken has been pureéd (with..whatever), and then squirted into a 'nugget shape'. Gr-ross.

To the people saying: "Go lookit an apple under a microscope, that's gross too"... Remember, we're not comparing the same things:
Fruits & veggies grow outside and probably have a microbial population that humans are relatively adapted to consuming.
"Chicken" "McNuggets" come from the inside of an industrial factory (using tortured chickens), where all sorts of disgusting shit grows in the corners.

Eat fast food at your own moral risk.
@23, not a fucking chance, you bastard.
@23 - just watched the whole 6 and a half minute video with utter fascination. thanks for that!
You are only as reliable as your sources.
@32, it's amaaaaaaaazing. Fnarf, you know you want to. Go ahead. What's the worst that could happen?
American McNuggets contain the ingredient dimethylpolysiloxane, “an anti-foaming agent” also used in Silly Putty, as well as a chemical preservative tertiary butylhydroquinone, a petroleum-based product.

British McNuggets lists neither chemical among its ingredients.…

Now continue piling on Natural News.
Natural News? Natural News? What are we going to get next posts from Glenn Beck's The Blaze? You are way better than this The Stranger.
@2 Good luck with that. Do you eat garlic? A friend in the business of selling things in China says that almost all the garlic in the US is now grown in China. So, unless you bought the garlic personally at a farmers market, you eat stuff from China.
The legal and acceptable limit on insect fragments in peanut butter is 30 or more insect fragments per 100 grams. I think it's wise just to not look at food under a microscope.…
It's obvious to me that the McNuggets have Morgellons.
Hey, Schmader, the piece you've linked to is on a generally disreputable site known for pseudoscience and a blatant political agenda. Just FYI.
@23 Oh , there is so much more! Look at the cyst removal!
@29 I guess burgers, sausages, and other forms of ground and reshaped meat are out as well?
Hello MacCrocodile! I get that now, but didn't know it six hours ago, which is kind of weird because I spend a lot of time on the internet, which is one of the reasons this post will remain up (along with the IMPRESSIVE GROSSNESS).
@44 - Just thought you might like to know about the reputation a site has. I looked over the comments here, and I don't think anyone has mentioned it yet.
@44: really, the Stranger's CMS should have a filter/warning system that pops up a big text box in 44-point screaming orange type: "Warning: you are about to file a story that links to a site that spindles and/or sgtdoom have linked to. Are you sure you want to do that?"
You ever looked at your saliva with a microscope?
Wow. This is a really dumb Slog post.
alright tom, i'm going for it
THAT was awesome. so NOT grossed out!! i was riveted! and then completely felt their victory when they finally got it out!! (spoiler, sorry) YAY TOM!
Reprinting from "Natural News" is a new low for SLOG.... Even with a belated disclaimer it is still quite the sleaze journalism sort of deal that should be avoided...."Look, a three headed dwarf at Walmart!!" Therefore Walmart sucks...;-D

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