New Evidence That the US Army Hired Spies to Go Undercover Among Local Anti-War Protesters


But it's okay to spy on someone's breakfast.
I would like to be more surprised by this.
"the Army came up with a fiction that Towery was working for the Pierce County Sheriff's Office on his own time as a volunteer, which was incredible to begin with."

Why is this incredible?
this is nothing new. nothing new at all. they did this during the vietnam war era.
@4 damn straight Skippy. I'd been named in an FBI file by the time I was 6, my parents were active in both the anti-war protests and the civil rights movement.

As said to my father by the head of the police department"s anti-subversives unit (yes that is what they called it at the time), "Ah Reverend xxxxxxx nice to meet you, we know all about you." circa 1968

The "cocktail party" had been arranged by the city to reduce tensions.
This is kind of not OK...

But it shouldn't surprise anyone.
And we are surprised how?? The government will just say this illegal type of surveillance against law abiding citizens is just part of PRISM.
thank you, again, for real reporting.
and especially for your integrity writing to a predominantly gentrified and co-opted readership.