Seattle Media Credulously Regurgitate Industry-Funded "Report" on Paid Sick Leave


Crosscut let some shitbird do a "guest opinion" regurgitating it too. That place is going down the damn drain.…
Do we care that businesses pass some increased cost on to the consumers? I thought the idea was to do what's right for the workers. If it costs a little more that's an expected consequence.
Note: I spend a fairly large amount in Seattle's fine restaurants every month. From this Friday forward I'm going to do a little research before I make my reservations. If your restaurant serves me a delicious over priced meal without taking care of your employees by paying them a living wage, and not taking care of me and my family by fighting sick leave, then not only am I not going to show up, I'm going to tell those other people I know who spend like me. If you are taking care of your employees and thereby taking care of the health of my family, we're going to talk you up.

PS. I feel no compunction to write political reviews of your restaurant on Yelp, Google, Trip Advisor ... I'll just talk about food poisoning and pubic hairs.
Hey, at least they didn't have all the reporters conspire to completely ignore it because the most likely writer was on vacation for a few days.…
Is Kaitlyn Hunt headed to jail?
A Florida judge will decide the gay Florida teen’s fate Tuesday after prosecutors pulled her plea deal when they discovered she’d exchanged about 20,000 text messages with the underage teen girl at the center of the case against her.
Prosecutors filed a new charge against Hunt, accusing her of “transmission of material harmful to minor by electronic equipment.” In a court filing, the state said it violates Florida law for her to have sent the “harmful” texts to a minor.
Their relationship began when Hunt was 18 and the girl was 14. The girl’s family said the relationship was sexual. Hunt’s family has said the relationship was consensual, but under Florida law, a 14-year-old can’t give consent.
Hunt, who turned 19 last week, was charged with two felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery.
Deal nixed
Prosecutors had offered Hunt a deal: Plead guilty to one felony that could later be removed from her record and two misdemeanors in exchange for community service — with no jail time and no mandatory ankle bracelet.
Now, prosecutors want her bond revoked after the discovery of the texts. They say Hunt violated a February court order to not contact the girl. There will be a hearing at 1 p.m. Tuesday in an Indian River County court.
Hunt had been free on bail while awaiting trial. She was booked into detention Monday night after her bail bond company declined to secure the $5,000 bond any longer and picked her up. Hunt can go free if her family or another bail bond company comes up with the money.
In court documents, prosecutors say Hunt gave the girl an iPod in February that was used to receive and send about 20,000 text messages between the two.
Prosecutors also said 25 photographs were also sent, and secret meetings took place between the two.
“These photographs are explicit and depict the defendant nude,” the documents state.
Prosecutors also included examples of texts they say Hunt sent to the girl, including: “(N)o matter what if they find out we talked I’m going to jail until trial starts.”
The state also said the girl told a detective that Hunt would drive her to “a remote location where they would have intimate physical contact.” The court papers claim that the most recent meeting took place two weeks ago.

You beat me to it. So what? If businesses can't offer minimum standards of benefits and compensation to their employees, they should raise prices or get out of the industry.
What’s funny about this "research" is that even this bullshit idustry-funded report isn’t all that bad for sick leave. Taking their spin out of it:

• 72.25% said paid sick leave would not be a big increase to business costs.
• 84.3% didn’t raise prices
• 81.7% didn’t reduce hours
• 82.7% didn’t reduce or eliminate other benefits for employees.

Amen @2. The price of products and services should reflect a decent and fair life for the employees. It's disturbing that journalists would report on such bogus findings without a huge disclaimer on who's funding and doing the study. That's 101 level stuff, right?
Goldy--did you hear the latest about your buddy? You are sure getting scooped. Or, are you part of the story, and it hasn't come out yet?……

MADD should be assaulted. They are nothing less than neoprohibitionists
so @4 and @9, are you the same person, or just have the same signature on your paychecks?
I'm not sure who @9 is, so it's probably unlikely. I'm just amazed Cienna made sure to cover the draft EIS release but everyone at the Stranger decided to drop the story about Hansen taking circuitous routes to fund a oddly named/not properly registered PAC that funded efforts to oppose Sacramento's arena and fund a signature campaign so the public would vote on all sports arenas receiving public funds/financing.
Oh, and then he didn't disclose that donation until the lawfirm was threatened with a lawsuit. Secretive PAC money, sounds like something the slog would usually be critical of.
@13 At my old blog, HA, I would've deleted your comments for violating our core prohibition against deliberate off-topic comments. But then, perhaps a commenter named "ChefJoe" has a reason for distracting from a post about restaurant industry-funded propaganda?

I'll get to posting about Hansen when I feel I have something original to add.
Richard Berman, father of the Silver Jews. This asshole has had a toxic effect on our country through his shilling for the tobacco, beverage, and restaurant industries, but his wayward son has made some beautiful musical contributions. A tiny, almost inconsequential silver lining to his existence, I suppose.
what's most often the case is that paid sick leave is replacing paid vacation leave. For many restaurants it's not actually costing them more, as they're not adding any benefits, simply changing the terminology. You have to choose between staying home when 'sick or being able to have the paltry 1 week vacation allotted.
Small retail business with seven employees here, sick time has not had any measurable effect on our operation.
15: Good call!

For people who don't know about Richard Berman, here's a website exposing his lobbying and disinformation. He's essentially the go-to guy for any downright evil misinformation and lobbying dishonest industries need: pro-smoking, pro-drunk driving, pro-meat, pro-tanning, anti-union, anti-minimum wage, etc. He creates dozens of different shell lobbying firms, like the "Employment Policies Institute" from this blog post.

He's known as "Dr. Evil".…

Here's an article about how his son, David Berman from the Silver Jews, quit music to fight and expose his lobbying.…
This EPI is not to be confused with the Economic Policy Institute at, which is in part union funded (Richard Trumka is on its board) and which has as a motto "Working for people who work for a living."

Can Seattle media make a mistake as basic as this?