The Best Ice Cream in Seattle May Not Be in Seattle


They used to sell Mora in one of the malls in Bellevue. We were really miffed when they closed there.
Yes, the best - and an easy walk down the street for me!

By the way, all of the ice cream is covered and carefully temperature controlled, with slightly different temps for different flavors....
There used be a Mora in Bellevue Square.

And yes, it is the best. Their strawberry is out of this world.
There's some good eating over there too.
Once you've eaten the good ice cream, the bad ice cream tastes really bad.
Aside from the Bainbridge Island/Winslow location, there are additional locations in Poulsbo and Kingston (walking distance from Kingston/Edmonds ferry).

The West Sound is rocking the ice-cream front. Mora is fantastic, no argument there. Also check out Viking Feast in Poulsbo. Thormond and family are awesome, and so is their ice cream. They use Icelandic yoghurt called "skyr" to give it this nice subtle twang and dense, creamy texture. You can get it at T&C on the island.…
Have you been to Lick yet? Bad name, amazing ice cream, and just up the hill from the Stranger offices at 15th and Pine inside 'Zaw. Michael is a former chef, and has a knack for odd-but-delicious flavor combinations.
The Blue Bird in Fremont is miserable. Twice I've gone there and been served a gloppy mess of of melting "ice cream".

I know it's not rocket surgery, but shouldn't ice cream be frozen?
I've made repeat visits to Mallard in Bellingham for ice cream. Snoqualmie Ice Cream's retail shop in Maltby has some terrific flavors one can't find in stores (e.g. Kentucky Bourbon).
Full Tilt has great coconut milk ice cream, including Mayan chocolate, almond joy, crusty punkin.

Bluebird's vegan coconut milk horchata has mixed reviews but it's my favorite in town.

The best ice cream in Seattle goes to Plum Cafe (on 15th, not the 12th ave bistro). Their vegan milkshakes are out of this world.

All without destroying the planet, your body, or other animals' bodies!
UGH. Every time I eat Mora ice cream, I'm disappointed.
It's grossly oversweetened dreck. Elevated ice cream in Port Townsend's where it's at.
One word: Red Mulberry Ice Cream from somewhere inside the Konak Bazar in Izmir, Turkey. MUST BE SERVED WITH A GLASS OF WATER. All other ice cream anywhere else on earth is just not very good.
I'm going to start enjoying only artisanal ice cream just as soon as my obsession with Tillamook Mudslide is over. I keep having bits of Gelatiamo, Snoqualmie, Full Tilt, etc. but always return to the 'Mud.
You should try Talenti's "Salted Caramel" gelato. Its divine
Sirena Gelato in Fremont - one of two gelatarias.
Check out dem flavors!

Time for a roadtrip to PDX.
Mora is so awesome. It use to be at Bellevue Square. So sad its gone.
Mora's is pretty good in the summer but the scoops (which are crazy expensive) double in size once the season is over and the tourists have gone home. Their pumpkin is one of the reasons October on Bainbridge rocks.
Mora's definitely the best ice cream in the world. I like dulce de leche best. Try chocolate mousse and raspberry. Banana split is wonderful, too. The only time I sampled the cinnamon it was a bit grainy, but that was in the off-season so maybe it was just old.
Cardamom ice cream from Elevated in Port Townsend. Done.
PT Elevated is made from a mix, and tastes like it.
I was there in Bainbridge Island recently and had the opportunity to walk in to Mora. The staff were very professional in letting me try as many spoonful samples before I zeroed in on the Molten Cake and a scoop of Dulche de Leche. And it was sinfully delicious, the best ice cream and cake combo I have had in my life!!! I will go there again, for sure.
The best ice cream I've had so far in the PNW was actually at Cascadian Farm - east of Rockport, WA. They are an organic farm and they make homemade ice cream that is exactly what you dream about ice cream tasting like. It's super creamy and not overly sweet and the flavors are so fresh and delicious. If they have it, definitely try the blueberry flavor because you will not find anything like it anywhere else, that's for sure!