Ugliest Tattoo Contest! Win a Free Tattoo Removal!


Oh this dude got a horrendous Clint Dempsey tattoo a while back.…

It's like Qbert and a frumpy, aging soccer player had a baby.
That's the worst tattoo in the Stranger's office? You guys are doing it right.
Tattoos less than 6-weeks old may need time to heal prior to treatment
Jesus, people.
I like it. Underneath, it should say " I tawt I taw a puddy twat"
Is the photo fuzzy, or the tattoo, or both?
There are some doozies out there. Sometimes it's not the style but the questionable taste and placement.

The bike messenger girl who had a Charlie Chapin tattoo on the back of her neck... Chaplin from the Great Dictator. So Hitler basically.

There is a server on the Hill here who has a huuuge atrocious (and I think un-ironic) Nicholas Cage tattoo. And not the cool Nicholas Cage.

And I just saw a guy with an REO Speedwagon Tat on his chest. No. Not the logo of the band. THE BAND photo from the Lost in a Dream album cover. He couldn't have been older than thirty.

Too each their own, I suppose.
My sister has a tattoo that just says "Dignity" in curly cursive. She's dead serious about it.
@8 When I was in high school and worked at a chinese restaurant there was a prep cook - a wiry grizzled old former merchant marine - who had a tattoo of chicken on his ankle.

Why? For the sole reason that, when one of the waitresses came back, he could reach down and rub it and declare with a cackle "I'm a scratch'n mah cock," and then lift up his pant leg to show them the tattoo.

He found this endlessly hilarious. I was a 16 year old stoner - and it was tedious to me the second time he did it. And he do it EVERY DAY. I'd throw a cleaver at him by the end of my first month.

Tattoos ugly?! C'mon, no way!
I know someone who has a tattoo that says "BREATHE" on it. She smokes cigarettes...I love it.
What I hate is when someone has a jumble of oddly spaced unrelated tattoos. Kind of like the tattoo version of a word salad. Please, think overall design people!
"NO REGERTS" is still the best ever, especially when huge and on the neck. I've seen several versions. I think there might even be ironic ones.
I knew a ship's engineer who was covered in cartoon character tattoos like Tweety Bird and Mickey Mouse, but only so far as the sleeves of his t-shirt. I had no idea until he wore flip-flops and I saw the large paws tattooed on the tops of his feet.
@9: pigs and chickens were/are traditional tattoos on sailors' feet. The superstition goes: a pig and chicken on each foot protects against drowning - most likely because the creatures were kept in wooden crates and would often survive shipwrecks.

So harassing waitresses probably wasn't the tattoo's only purpose - just a convenient bonus.
I'm not anti-tattoo at all. In fact, I have a tattoo myself. But good christ, people, give some thought before you tattoo yourself. There are SO many bad tattoos out there. Amazingly bad.

Think long term. @1, if you think that tattoo looks ridiculous now, just think how stupid it will look 20 years from now. The horror.
Now you call it regrettable!!! What'd I tell you 23 years ago??? Should have got the Tasmanian Devil (complete with whirlwind).
One of the more unusual tattoos I've seen: very attractive young woman, pulled down her underpants, there on her butt cheek "Exit Only"
I have a HUGE naked pin up girl on my left shoulder that I adore. However, I cannot have it showing because I am a teacher! When my girls were little, we went swimming at the public pool a lot. One of the mothers inside the dressing room saw it and seemed to be so offended and said to me, "Why don't you get at least a swimsuit tattooed on that thing". I've lived the majority of my life fending off people who seemed to be "put out" by my pin up girl. Another time, I was in a grocery store wearing a tank top and the lady behind me in line said, "What in thee WORLD would possess you to get a tattoo like that?" I - being so damn sick of nasty comments about my tat - said, "I'm a lesbian" and walked out with my groceries ;) I'm actually not a lesbian, but I was really proud of that response anyway. the look on her face was priceless! lol!