Airline Customer Drops a Grand on Angry Tweets


Can I hire someone to tweet about arbitrary and capricious Seattle Municipal Court decisions?
Sheeple! It's all a stunt by Twitter.
Wow, I wonder if the luggage was worth that much.

Last time my luggage was lost in New York City I ran to Macy's and bought some new clothes. By the time I got back to the hotel the luggage had been found. True story.
Since I'm not going to buy promoted tweets to complain about how lame this is as a news story, I might as well join in.

"Save big, today only with my special on promoting tweets about your inconveniences, incompetencies.

Only $999.99/promoted tweet, with package deals for multiple complaints."
@3 From his tweets it doesn't sound like he's gotten his luggage back yet, and he just posted "BA hasn't offered me any compensation & I'm not interested." I think his "I got what I wanted. I win." is referring solely to the media shitstorm BA is now in the middle of.
My best guess is that he did at least a few million dollars worth of damage to BA, mostly thanks to the multiplier effect. Assuming he was really badly treated and he hated them, that is a pretty good damage ratio.

The idea that the cost of airing your grievances should be free is kind of quaint - just because various blowhards at the Stranger get free ink doesn't mean the rest of us do.