NEPO 5K Don't Run! NEPO 5K Don't Run!


I highly recommend this as well. The lawns of Chez Vel-DuRay, as well as the Mobile version of the estate, will be used for Mario Lemafa's installation.
Also! It's supposed to be mostly sunny and 75 tomorrow! PERFECT!
Phooey! It coincides with 360 Modern's annual mod home tour. Which one to choose...

Although meeting the lovely Mrs Vel-DuRay would be fab.
Modular home tour or modernism home tour?
Modular. All the latest designs for portable and cheap living in flimsy wood-panelled glory. Bring the kids!
The '62 Chrysler 300 was an effective choice for Mike Pham's performance. I hope it wasn't damaged in any way. It's a pity he couldn't perform on the AstroBubble dashboard though...
Dr. Awesome, it would be a privilege to meet you and your lovely bride/bride-to-be (how am I to know, having not received an invitation? ;-) as well. But your alternative event also sounds quite interesting.
Oops- Uh oh. Your invitation was, um, misplaced by the letter carrier? We finally put rings on last month.

You'll recognize me and my lovely wife easily- she'll be pushing me and my iron lung along the NEPO route.