Paid Sick Leave, One Year Later: Where's Our Business-Killing Socialist Hellscape?


I'm glad to see some amount of enforcement of the ordinance from the City as well, per the pdf.
Next-to-last ΒΆ:
Fugere added that paid sick leave costs "less than one half of one percent of my revenue. There's no question that the costs outweigh the benefits."
Is that mistyped, or did he say the opposite of what he meant?
Wouldn't the quote "There's no question that the costs outweigh the benefits." seem to be a bit off?
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Second paragraph: hear should be here.
Side note: shared this on FB and picture came out sideways on top of article FYI.
@2,3, thanks for the catch! I fucked that up, obviously.
I'm sure Seattleblues is chock-full of anecdotal evidence for how it turned his alleged small business into a socialist hell-hole.

Paging Seattleblues... paging Seattleblues...
Last time I checked unemployment is near frictional levels here.
It may sound ignorant or braggy, but living in a (Eastern-)European developing country I did not realize until recently that paid sick leave and maternity leave are not a guaranteed right everywhere in the world.
will these businesses support the $15/hr minimum wage, or is THAT the socialist hellhole...

If SB doesn't answer, it means they've probably had to make an emergency trip to that Italian villa in order to escape the Socialist Hellhole that Seattle has now become.
@12 Either that, or he and his wife are seeing an LMFT because gay marriage is destroying his marriage.
Does thee Washington Restaurant Association ever tire of being wrong? Do their members ever notice they pay dues to an organization that lobbies under false assumptions AND sucks at getting these socialist utopia bills defeated?

Tie the minimum wage to inflation? We'll all go out of business.

no Smoking? We'll all go out of business.

no styrofoam? We'll all go out of business.

Food Trucks? We'll all go out of business.

sick Leave? We'll all go out of business.