The Morning News: Fewer Guns at Starbucks, No More Beauty Contests for Girls in France, and New Photos of Saturn


Breaking News, Breaking News

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It's the bestest!…
"CDC warns of 'catastrophic' results of increased drug resistance: The CDC report said that while it was difficult to directly compare the amount of drugs used in food animals with the amount used in humans, there was evidence that more drugs were used in livestock. The use of antibiotics for promoting growth should be phased out, it said. The Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) estimates that 80% of antibiotics sold in the US are used on animals, and that 80% of those are used on healthy animals, in order to prevent disease and infection and to promote growth."…

So, CDC finally called it. What is the FDA going to do about it? Nothing?

Marriage CAN wait.
When I look at James Franco, all the bad news goes away and angels sing!
NEWSFLASH from the tunnel >>>>>

Unions are the mortal enemies of American Prosperity
And another excellent piece of news:…
Your country is sick when that Starbucks story is even a story. NRA manufactured headline.
"So, CDC finally called it. What is the FDA going to do about it? Nothing?"

If they had any fucking independence from agri-business, they'd have done something decades ago. Any biologist not compromised by getting their paycheck from Tyson Foods could have told them this was 100% certain to happen.