The Reading Party Starts in Two Hours!


I can't find Cienna or Josh, but the place totally reminds me of a Vegas Casino. Why Why Why can't there be a movement to alter people's habits and change Vegas from waste of money dreams to an enlightened reading oasis? Why can't we change the world?
I think the whole idea is great, but are you sure "party" is the word you're looking for?
I'm sure.
This is one of those events I'd love to go to except it happens only on Wednesdays: a day when I can never, ever make it. It'd be nice for them to shift the dates every now and then...
Isn't Cienna that blur to the right behind the pillar? I heard the whole time she tiptoed from table to table sneaking sips off everybody's drinks.
Blue sweater.
nice call.

I think i recognize the girl under the blur.
I forgot to bring reading material, glowing or otherwise, with me today; so I'll probably have to miss this one.
I went once, a few years ago. It was nice. It's tough for me to get downtown on a weeknight though, so I may not ever make it back.

But ifa I do and Cienna or anyone tries to sneak a sip of my cocktail I will bite a finger off!
if you're paying, Christopher, i'll go.
I have my Murakami with me, but I'm going to possibly literally bite a finger off. It's a hockey night, and I'm a Alex Burrows fan.
I too say blue sweater for Cienna and Josh is the one with an electronic device shinning in his face.
Find cienna or josh? Jeez, white people all look alike to me.
Seattlelites are weird, weird, weird.


The ladies definitely look like dudes in Seattle. Only difference is the facial hair. Which at least white people can grow.
@14: Aww. Look at you making friends with @13.
You have to love it. One of those only in Seattle moments. A bunch of people get together on the condition that no one has to actually talk to each other. To make sure that no one is embarrassed, they even FORBID talking. God help these people if anyone walks up and says, "Hi!" Could you imagine the chaos?
I don't get it. You can do this at home or in any cafe. Why does this event exist?
It is a beautiful venue,( more comfy than a cafe) the drinks are fancy but at a discount, there is often live music, and the occasional author or artist to meet. Some people may need to be the constant center of attention (cough*cody*cough) but sometimes, at the end of a long day, a companionable quiet read can be very restful.
Plus free books.

Ok, that makes sense. It isn't at all my cup of tea at all(the idea of silently being around people makes my skin crawl) but I can see how less eccentric souls would like it.
@19: Yes, sometimes quiet can be too quiet for sure. :)
@20. Yeah. I just want to look at what other people are reading. Or drink and people watch/relish the music.