Boehner Supports Ending the Shutdown, but Says the "Fight Will Continue"


That quote; way too hung over to read that many mixed metaphors and inappropriate idioms packed into just two sentences.
Can Bozo Boner be impeached or otherwise removed? Charged with treason, maybe? I don't know how the rules work re the more reptilian members of Congress.........

Fucka Buncha Repugs.
we get to watch this movie again in february, right?

it's going to be boring the next time.
But come February the ACA will be fully up and running right? And society will not have collapsed. Sure they will find some new stuff to throw an tantrum over but still trying to defund the ACA will be like still fighting gay-marriage with doomsday instead of states right language. Either they tone down and maybe get to stall and even chip away or they keep screaming the world is ending and get officially dropped in the loony bin.
The time to start writing to Reid and the White House saying that it is unacceptable to capitulate to ANY right-wing budget priorities in a "grand bargain" in January or February would be: immediately.
They really believe their own bullshit.
At least he actually called it a "bill".
::headdesk iz exhausted::

insert and replace "called" with "DID NOT CALL".
If getting a bill passed by both chambers of the legislature, signing it into law, getting that law upheld by the supreme court and then getting re-elected by the population affected by the law constitutes "forcing" that law upon the people, then what the heck constitutes "democracy" for John Boehner?

Clueless? Treasonous? Both?
Like I said, Komrade Boehner and his Terrorists wake up each and every morning determined to attack America, our Economy, our President, and our Middle Class.

It's how al-Qaeda USA operates.
"I'll stop you people from buying health insurance if I have to kill every motherfucking last one of you. And Ben Ghazi!!

Your tax dollars at work.
Ted Cruz just talked about the millions of Americans rising up against the ACA. But it's really quiet outside. Where are those millions of Americans?
If it's such a trainwreck, wouldn't it be better to stand out of its way and when it completely destroys itself, point to the Dems as its creators and supporters?