She is not doing a good job of proving she is not a joke candidate with that website.

As a person unfamiliar with this individual, as will be most of the NY voters, she certainly looks like a joke to me.
The days of Ari Spool slogging for The Stranger, I remember them well. Wait, who said what on Slog yesterday? I barely remember. Anyhow, good riddance to that faux-firecracker. Wait, again, can she come back to Slog and replace Constant?
Young Zoe from Bed-Stu didn't know about the election but Ari's a "tangible, regular chick." Sounds qualified to manage a mega-city to me!
and who the hell doesn't read marks? That's what writing is duh.
I live in NYC and follow the election closely. I've literally never heard of her.

great job
what a joke
Good luck with your spoiler campaign and self-aggrandizement!
It's pretty clear that the only people who've ever heard of her are (1) her flatmates; and (2) the assholes at the Wall Street Journal who hope against hope that if they fan the flames of her alleged candidacy they can draw enough votes away from de Blasio to make a difference, so the vote will go to 9iu1ian1 II: Electric Boogaloo.

If she'd just bend her principles a little, I'm sure the Koch brothers and their friends would fill her campaign coffers in no time - as their ilk have done in the past for other no-hoper candidates seeking to split the left-of-center vote in general elections.

Frankly, I'm disappointed that the same paper promotes the excellent, realistic, and constructive efforts of Kshama Sawant and yet can't see through this jerk, just because she used to work for you.
Oh, and in the interests of fairness: if you're going to point out that she worked at The Stranger, the least you can do is to link her goddamn Stranger author page, which appears to show authorship on 77 web-available items.
Oh fer chrissakes you guys, this is fun, absurd performance art. Yeah, it's not world-changing. Very little of what's posted to Slog is. But some of you people seem remarkably angry that this was even posted, and I don't get it.
"Read Marx"

Fuck off, we're in the 21st century.
Hello Warren! Thanks for the link, I'll add it to the post. However, candidate Spool doesn't have any coffers for the Koch bros to fill. Can't you read?
I would happily vote for her, except for one little teensy problem. If for any reason the Republican troll ex-Giuliani hack won, I'd have to commit seppuku.
candidate Spool doesn't have any coffers for the Koch bros to fill. Can't you read?
I said, in the context of campaign donations, "if she'd just bend her principles a little" she'd have coffers into which the generosity of her rich supporters on the right (the sort of people who read the Wall Street Journal) could direct their largesse. Can't you read?

Oh fer chrissakes you guys, this is fun, absurd performance art
She says her candidacy isn't a joke. I choose not to call her a liar. You?
This doesn't sound like a joke to me. Will she win? No. Does that mean she's being deceitful? No. She's using the election as a platform to bring attention issues that continually threaten our culture and livelihood (wait, isn't that what elections are supposed to do?) and if that brings attention to her sense of humor as well, then good for her. I trust a person who allows their personality to show more than I trust script reading vote beggars. It's probably the most sensible campaign platform I've read thus far. Who are you voting for?
Is her website supposed to look like it was created in 1995?
I think the 1995 aspect of the website is an obvious retro thing. Ari Spool I believe is like a few people I've known. She once was a spoiled little girl who went to private schools, she went slumming as a bartender for a spell, she never sweat at a job unless she was riding her hip bicycle to The Stranger offices on an especially hot day, and through it all enjoys the sound of her loud mouth.
Running for office as a self serving PR stunt? So basically she's an artier version of Sarah Palin.
she has terrible people skills.
What a great campaign photo for a high school freshman hoping to get elected president of the political science club.
Ari Spool? Ha! More like Ari Spooge.
Man, I miss the days of Ari Spool and Adrian Ryan and Freaky Friday. Slog is too grown up now.

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