How to Ruin a Fine Woman


You mean Barbarella? Jane Fonda looked great.…
I'm in favor of both the before and after versions.
Advertisers have tried again and again to sell clothes with average looking people and it fails every time.

People tell them "good for you! It's about time!"... and then nobody buys their products.
You'd think a sleestak would be a natural for ad campaigns, @3...

The only constant of beauty is hip-to-waist ratio…
I suspect something similar was done with Benedict Cumberbatch's face.
To lighten the mood, you should check out this universal beauty secret!
@5 - And the waist to shoulder ratio for men.
Waist-to-hip, @5. Waist is the numerator, for a ratio <1.

Try and follow the logic.
Really, men of Slog (Charles excepted)? I expected better from you.
@10 Men are pigs.
chuckles like his white women untouched!

go away chuckles. . .
Never read the comments. Misogynist white dudes colonized Slog and The Stranger doesn't care.
Where's that ChuckDick troll?
Did you ever see that series of photos of female porn stars with and without their makeup on? They actually look like real people without all the eyeshadow, I tell you hwat.
And that is part of why porn sucks. It's so incredibly fake...
My profile picture is the photoshop enhanced version too.
@15 I'm pretty sure porn is supposed to be fake, at least on some level.
Raku ha! You have always seemed hostile and malicious, so I can't say it doesn't tickle me to see you down. That said you are not wrong on this one. What would you suggest they do about it, however? Censor the comments?


Actually not as important for men (as rated by both women and other men).

More important is VHI "...defined as the total body volume divided by the stature height in litres per square metre. "

Visual perception of male body attractiveness…

No, actually we are creatures who evolved with some very specific built in perceptual preferences based on our natural are women. This guy tells us why, for better or worse:

Yes, it's offensive. But you have to admire the technology, and the mastery of it by the person doing the manipulation.

And you have to wonder: seventy years ago, the Lauren Bacalls and Katherine Hepburns (among others) set a standard for beauty that still resonates today. They were almost other worldly in their own way, thanks in no small part to the cutting edge technology of the time, but they had a human component that that modified woman will never have.
#19, 20

die now, please.

lose a limb or something that healthcare can't fix. . .
@21: Gorgeous yes, but didn't the studios still use airbrushes back in the day?
She was lovely when they started. By the end, she looked plastic, like a Barbie doll. Those eyes are actually kind of creepy.
I think the final image is creepy in an uncanny valley sort of way. She has been altered without regard to the underlying structure of her anatomy. She's an Escher Girl, mixed with that girl on the cover of Beautiful Freak.