I thought that was the group that tries to convince the frost giants to invade Asguard and bring about Ragnarok.
β€œThe President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR/Emergency Plan) was a commitment of $15 billion over five years (2003–2008) from United States President George W. Bush to fight the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. The program initially aimed to provide antiretroviral treatment (ART) to 2 million HIV-infected people in resource-limited settings, to prevent 7 million new infections, and to support care for 10 million people (the "2–7–10 goals") by 2010. PEPFAR increased the number of Africans receiving ART from 50,000 at the start of the initiative in 2004 to at least 1.2 million in early 2008. PEPFAR has been called the largest health initiative ever initiated by one country to address a disease.”'s…

What a fucker!!!

Yes… Clearly: β€œHe's just the worst, period.”
How can you hate his artistic endeavors? They're like something you'd stick on the fridge with alphabet magnets.
The Roman aristocracy lives on in these dbags.
No arguments from me on the dreadfulness of George Bush. But I honestly don't understand what's so horrible about this - and you're not the only person voicing very strong objections.

Its not like converting Jews to Christianity (on the vanishingly remote chance that these yahoos succeed where a multitude of others have failed over the course of many centuries) would actually bring about the end of the world.
I'll take him spending his time painting and convincing Jewish people to give up their cultral identiy over his hand above the nuke button any day.

We'll file that in our "But Hitler Liked Dogs!" Department...
@2 AIDS relief in Africa is approximately the only good thing that son of a bitch did.
You just gotta love the hubris of folks that think God needs a kickstarter for the Apocalypse.
Right... People with AIDS = Dogs.
@ 7, I'd file that under "But Hitler invented the Volkswagen" instead. (Yeah, Ferdinand Porsche built it, but it was Hitler's vision that got it going...)

Egregiously Pathetic False Equivalency - Noted.
@10: That was my first thought too. But I've spent too much impotent rage in the direction of GWB to compel me to Google it to confirm either eway. I'm fine with the knowledge that he was a miserable President with a miserable cabinet that inflected misery on America and the world at large (and they most certainly did support abstinence-only education), and that history agrees.
@5- Just because I don't think it will work doesn't mean that I don't understand the selfishness of the people trying to do it.
"A few weeks before I came to Kenya, I spoke with Stephen Lewis, who until last year was the United Nations Secretary General's Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa. I asked how he understood the balance between the harmful and the helpful aspects of Bush's AIDS initiative. "It really is difficult to quantify," he said. "The only thing one can categorically say is that the overemphasis on abstinence probably resulted in an unnecessary number of additional infections."…

Yes, and abstinence-only kills Africans. Many African women and girls do not have the social status to say no to sex. They barely have enough social status to insist on using condoms. By pushing abstinence-only the Christofascists guaranteed ever more HIV infections on that continent. But, hey, at least Bush "made up for it" by treating those people with AIDS medications.
I don' want to hear one more thing about that lying, thieving, murdering fucking fuck George W. Bush ever again.
What I wonder about is how one can simultaneously hate Bush and essentially adore the people who repealed Glass-Steagall, and otherwise shoved the neoliberal trinity (deregulation, privatization, outsourcing) down our throats.
You probably don't have that option. Commenters before you have wished to never again hear about a number of people in the news.
Face it, this is Slog, the place that loves to keep talking about retards.
I think your way off base here Paul, he may be a conservative but not a tea partier. He not an extremist.
@22: hey, Hulk: war criminal > tea partier. or is it
I think that if Jesus comes back he's not going to get mad at the Jews, but he might sit down and swap a few yeshiva horror stories with the guys. "Was your rebbe really a hardass? Mine too! He'd clip me on the head with a yad if I mispronounced one word!"
The truth comes out: causing the death of over 100k and endless civil war for geopolitics is being 'moderate'. War is peace, etc
It is hardly the worst thing GWB has done, but it's a damn stupid cause.
Feeeeeeel the hate. Let it flow through you!

The paintings are actually good. Hard for some to see that.
Man, you people have officially crossed the line from just being plain old batshit-crazy to a full-blown hate group. How can you stand to look at yourselves in the mirror?
I'm antisemitic for Jews for Jesus.
The only two things I ever came across about GeeDubya that did NOT make me retch violently were:

1) this story about him and Bob Geldof and Africa:…

2) the fact that he referred to Putin as "Pooty-Poot".

Everything else, yeah.... wretched.
Yeah, I should read the comments B4 I post... oh well, nobody else was covering the Geldof angle.
But I like his dogs and cats, though.
@33, well, neither did I. But I don't walk around with that much hate in me.
@34 - lol
@5: "I honestly don't understand what's so horrible about this"

Apocalyptics aren't supporting Israel because they love the Jews. Quite the contrary, they find them a means to an end.
The fundies need to have 44,000 Jews survive so they can either be converted or killed when judgment day comes (because the bible). Considering that, Jews for Jesus is kind of counterproductive since those idiots aren't Jews anymore and thus are thinning the herd.

These kinds of assholes have been proselytizing to my people since the Christians stopped being Jews and started being Romans. Why should they stop now?
What gets me is that the Republican apologists - or at least those who are more than willing to look the other way - never once mentioned or objected to the wars of choice that W's administration foisted on the world - at great cost in lives and dollars.

W is a bizarre, entitled little man who grew up into a monster utterly lacking in empathy toward anyone or anything that didn't grow up with a patrician last name.

The only consolation for thinking, sensate folks is that the Bush era in America is OVER!
@34 Good joke here.

@27 The paintings are bad. They're bland. They have no personality. No message. No nothing. They are not even interesting to look at. The guy can afford a teacher, he has unlimited free time, and he still paints like that ? My grandmother painted better than that. Heck, my children paint better than that - they drawings have character.

But... feel free to collect Dubyah's art.

@40 ...or is it ?

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