History and a New Pike Place Market Bar


taking on this handle, all i can say is don't fuck it up.
It's a good looking happy hour menu. Nut the oysters and mussels at Kells on Saturday were barely edible, and there's no excuse when you're in Post Alley. Agree with @1.
I have a conscience. I hate the Seattle P.I., not as much as Seattle P.I. hater Goldie, but I hate them enough to boycott this restaurant and boycott everything on Post Alley. I have a conscience. It would be incredibly hypocritical of me to display so much distaste for the P.I. and then bathe in the delights of their legacy.
The menu has spelling mistakes in Spanish. I cannot trust the authenticity of a Mexican restaurant where they can't spell "Chiles Rellenos" or "Camarones" properly (not to mention Señorita). Pass.
Or 'Cotija'. Also, a Caesar salad does not contain corn, beans, or "cojita".
@4, not to mention the weird Tostada D Tinga", "Ensalada D Tomate", "Chuletas D Puerco". I assume they mean "de"? And they can't decide between "tostada" and "tostado".

OMG: "Senioritas Bailando". ¡Dios mío!

Personally, I'm sick unto death of theme restaurants. How long can you stare at that stupid picture of someone on a horse before you want to die? A restaurant is a terrible way to learn about the Mexican War, or anything, really. That war was one of the ugliest bits of bullshit in American History, but you won't learn that over your Nopales Apretados.
@5, cotija is a hard, salty cheese, not unlike feta. Shouldn't be in a Caesar Salad, though -- which is especially stupid because the Caesar salad was invented in Mexico.

Corn? Bleagh. Some people think that "Caesar" is just another word for "a bunch of shit piled on romaine lettuce". There was an episode of "Kitchen Nightmares wherein Gordon encountered a "Caesar" like this, with corn and feta. Horrible. He was displeased.

My point exactly.
It could be much worse. Recently in Argentina a celebrity TV chef did a show on "Mexican tacos", which she filled with a salad made from stir-fried (in a wok) eggplant, peas, whole cherry tomatoes, chicken, and julienned carrots, using tortillas she made by spreading out the masa onto a tortilladora, one of those aluminum tortilla presses, with a little roller, folding the top over, and putting the entire contraption on the burner. Funniest thing I've ever seen. The "taco assassin" has caused an international incident, as some Mexicans think she's taking the piss deliberately. Mind-blowing.

http://www.marutv.com.ar/receta/283711/t… (in Argentine Spanish -- good luck -- but the video is hilarious).

Kells is a great bar for music and atmosphere. I'm definitely in for a boycott, but I'm not eating there again and the full menu for this place has tourist trap written all over it.