Religious Groups Fight to Defeat Abortion Ban


I think you mean "tenet."
It makes me happy to see moderate religious people standing up for their rights. People of faith were important to the fight for marriage equality in this state. It is sad that their moral stand so often gets swept away because it doesn't fit into a clean right versus left story line.
The corporate media doesn't cover these stories. Why?
@3: Since I'm familiar with moderate churches in my state who have taken a strong stand on issues like pro-choice and gay marriage, I've asked the same question. I was told that these stories just aren't as interesting.
@3 an4: Why show, for example, a NALT Christian like Rev Jim Wallis speaking intelligently and reasonably about a current topic when the latest lunatic utterance of Pat Robertson will get higher ratings? It's like PBS versus Jerry Springer.
That's almost exactly how it was explained to me.
@4,5,6 Which is actually losing them viewers.
The "vast majority" of Christians are sure taking their sweet time to speak out against that loud "minority."
Tell the bishops and tell Pope Francis the truth that surely they already know. They need to be REMINDED that most like 80 90 percent of Roman Catholics DO NOT BELIEVE THAT BIRTH CONTROL SHOULD BE OPPOSED. Catholics generally do not believe the teaching of the church on birth control.. How can the bishops look to FORCE those who are not catholic to observe catholic teaching when their own parishioners do not observe their teaching. They do not believe that use of birth control is immoral but rather that it is often a very moral practice.