A Word on Globalization as Arbitrage and the Local Economist Alan Harvey


I congratulate you for including the movie in an attempt to relate to the pop culture Slogging hordes. I still have nothing to add regarding the two economic philosophies which share the common phrase "taking advantage.'

Did Dominic Holden's brother take that Richard Gere photo? It looks like there is $3000+ worth of photographic lighting on his face.
A few years ago I called for the creation of a Central Arbitrage Agency. They would be there to exploit the "holes" in the financial system before anyone else could.

Central Arbitrage Agency

Private arbitrage isn't necessarily bad, as it pops bubbles (in exchange for large rewards).

However, because we are waging currency wars at the level of trillions, the central differential of rich and poor has become not skills, birth, or cleverness, but between those with access to a printing press...and those without.
Capitalism died long ago, which is why the stink grows worse with each passing day!

A great point, Mr. Mudede, but one too subtle for most to grasp, I fear.
I dunno, I feel like there are maybe only three or four of us who ever comment on your econ posts, so who knows...is that addressed to all of us? I never remember saying anything about biology but sourcing your commentary with a particular book doesn't - by itself - necessarily make the theory more persuasive.

As with everything else in the dismal science, we can't control any of these variables to run a halfway decent experience. Regulatory arbitrage is, in and of itself, a kind of labor arbitrage, since they are a function of labor protections which might (or really, often) drive up unit costs.
Short version: Arbitrage is getting paid for No Work Done.

@3 has a point.