Adopt a Black Cat on Black Friday


PAWS is doing the same thing all weekend, too!
Who wouldn't want a black cat? They're gorgeous!
We've really enjoyed our black cat, Wompus. Just make sure you don't have white furniture.
What @1 said, PAWS Black Friday/Weekend video:…

The best pet I ever had was a black cat named Brute. He could fetch plastic champagne corks and would pull on a jump rope hanging near the back door to knock and be let in.
Most cats know the spell to unlock the bad luck by a black cat crossing your path, all you have to do is ask them.

The Seattle Humane Society reports there are currently more than 600 dogs, cats, and other small creatures in need of homes.
Daw! My black kitty, Apollo, found his way to us by accident, and he's been an absolute joy ever since. Except when he pukes.
It's why my mostly-black Torti was free, while her ginger brother was full-priced.

Love them both. Except when they puke.
Dunno how much longer my old black cat will last but he's been a terrific friend. Handsome as hell, too.
My black cat Maude is such a gentle sweetheart. I like to think she is the reincarnation of my tuxedo cat Westheimer, who was not quite so gentle but also a sweetheart and a great cat buddy.
Super idea, now if we can get landlords in Seattle to allow tenants to have a cat we'd really be in business!!

Another great place to get a cat is Animal Talk on Roosevelt Way: I got my cat last year and she's been a joy ever since!!
Black cats are the best :)

Not only as Catalina says, they are gorgeous but I find that their appearance ages better on average.