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I don't want to laugh but if that's your claim to fame an early death is quite suited for you
I sometimes think what my claim to fame will be. "The guy who obsessively got razzed over Paul Constant's writing?"
Good enough for me. Fame is shitfuck retarded.
Who knew you could die from explosive diarrhea?
Prost: Most of the developing world.
It's a Taco Tuesday tragedy.
At least with a billion dollars in sales Frito Lays was able to pitch in a thousand dollars for Todd Mills' crowdfunded medical bills. Totally not bothered by the saccharine sheen in the reports emphasizing how magnanimous he was about not pressing a multinational for his chunk of change.
@2: It's probably what you're most known for already, yes.

If you hate his shit, stop reading every thread and obsessively posting in it. You have the power to avoid writing you dislike, nutcase.
Seems like an awesome and nice guy.

Far too young to die of brain cancer and on's pretty sad.
Gosh, I want to be snappy with you (i.e. i am not a hater!), but yeah, i'm growing tired of my insults, as are others. Expect less of me. I've really just wanted Slog to be the best it can be, and the way I've chosen, and the way I am, just doesn't seem to work. Thanks for your input.
Aye Caramba!
@9: Wanting Slog to be "better" is great, but all the HEY PAUL PAUL LOOK AT ME, AREN'T WE FRIENDS PAUL OH PAUL YOU OLD SO AND SO UP TO YOUR SAME TRICKS really doesn't reflect well on your stability. It's more stalker than literary critic.
Besides that your contributions to the threads are ramble-y and barely coherent crap, so if there was a bad thread, you only make him look better.
Good luck to you. I skip nearly all of your comments, but in this thread the comments being about me, I've decided to read. And I see you are indeed a very intelligent person. Continue adding to the wisdom of Slog.
Well, thanks for listening I suppose?
@14: Do not engage, I beg you. He's like a flaming bag of passive agressive poo on your porch. Ignore the doorbell, and let him smolder in his own stink.
Undead, dear, I always stop to read your comments.
@15: True, true. I've got an online harasser elsewhere on the internets (where I'm much quieter and not nearly as grumpy) and they're starting to escalate, so I'm a little sensitized these days :/

@16: Baw, I heart Sloggers, though anyone taking note of my posts makes me think I'm probably being too ranty/opinionated and should duck down a bit!
@17: I am so sorry that there is some one bothering you, and that you feel you need to censor yourself. I wish you wouldn't. Yours is a strong, clear voice and you talk sense! Please keep being ranty and opinionated for the sake of all those who read, but are too intimidated to post. And remember, there are those here who have your back, and elsewhere too if you want. I'd be willing to come back you up. :)
&17: I suggested you ignore him, because it hurts him when you do. If we treat him as though he were of the Blighted Unregistered, voiceless, unacknowledged, all his efforts will be for nothing, and that would spoil his day.
Won't that be nice?
Say what you will about the doritos tacos, but they are one of the most successful (sales-wise, not quality wise, of course) products of all time.

This is not limited to food products either, but everything.

Also, "dnt" is by far the most useless commenter here. At least Bailo and sgt. doom attempt to have a purpose, and other commenters are dumb but funny. "Dnt" is simply a waste of space entirely, and as an unhealthy obsession with Paul and Goldy.

Someone has suggested he is a vengeful/angry former employee or something, which I am certainly starting to consider. It certainly seems personal.
I don't think so, I've talked to staffers at Slog Happy, and they don't seem to know who he is. The Testing Dept thinks he's a total tool though.

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