...surprising that they hadn't already drawn this conclusion in as much as neither Castro brother has been taken out by drone attacks yet...ahem.
Good Morning Charles,
No, I don't have a problem with that. It is Mandela's funeral after all. Diplomatic propriety takes precedence over politics/photo ops. All world leaders know this. They sometimes shake hands with demons. Sometimes with angels. I do know Presidents are human.

I'm on record as saying I would like to shake hands with every American President. Most recently Obama and Bush.

Tea Party people seem very unhappy.
lark: you a have a record?
Actually, I loved Castro's speech. Cuba was a big ally of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. I have no problems with President Obama shaking Raul's hand. Was he supposed to act stupid and ignore him?

T'Bagger Cruz was also at the memorial. I guess he didn't get close enough to spit on Raul to satisfy the Rightwingers.
I love Obama's foreign policy of practicality over emotion. If anything, it makes us stronger and more influential.
i hope to see obama end our retarded cuba embargo before he's out of office. but even democratic congresspeople (debbie wasserman schultz, for one) are just stone walling even the idea of a change.

we could give a shit about china suppressing its dissidents, but on cuba, congress is uncompromising on our sacred principles? fucking pandering. it's a goddamn half century of this shit.
of course, everyone know that shaking hands with someone means you agree with everything they ever said and is not just a polite greeting
What is this public relations tactic called? Where you get your astroturfers to vilify a secret ally for being the opposite of what he really is in order to trick your opponents into defending him?
Obama rhetorically flipped off Cuba and China during his speech. Warning of people using Mandela's message while they oppress their own people.
OMG--the comment-o-sphere is going apeshit over this thing (and I don't even do twitter and crap like that).
Just when I think this country might possibly be getting real.

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