When Obama Is Not Shaking Hands With Commies...


Or you could mention that Michelle is all angry at the wite wimmin.

Say Obama is Coke, Denmark is Sprite, Cameron is Mountain Dew. The minimal empirical evidence I have says that such a mixture into a soda beverage is called a "graveyard," in West Coast USA. When one mixes a few sodas to make one soda drink on the East Coast USA, residents call it a "suicide." However, as we all know, whatever The Stranger calls a mixed soda concoction, will definitely be the Right term, the term that All of the USA should be calling it.

I've lived on the "West Coast USA" my entire life, and have only ever heard a mixed "soda beverage" referred to as a "suicide."

We don't need you here, sowing discord and whatnot.

I always heard it described as swamp water, and I've lived on the West Coast almost my entire life.
so disrespectful to mandela - no happiness at a funeral! the death of a 96 year old demands somber, sad faces.
More interesting is the look Michelle gives him after this moment, and the seat change. A beautiful woman can reduce a man to a boy no matter how high his rank.
I have to agree with the fuckstick. Going to the self-serve soda dispenser at the drive-in and serving a little of every flavor in one cup is called a graveyard.

And rumor had it that it was called such because it was poisonous.
@2, 4, all: The asshole is, unfortunately, correct. It is a graveyard.
Why does Michelle Obama always have a look on her face like she is sniffing a turd?
@6 - actually it was a memorial service. And from what I was told about it by someone who was actually there, it was a carnival atmosphere. It was a celebration of a great man's life.
@ 10 - Because you choose to only see the few pictures that have been taken of her with a not so pleasant look on her face, and ignore all the thousands of pictures of her smiling, in order to yet again demonstrate to everyone what a racist piece of shit you are.
B-b-but how can Cascadian Bacon be a racist piece of shit? He says he's black.