next you will tell us Abraham Lincoln wasn't white?
People still watch TV? And then blog about the crap on it? Sad.
Since the purpose of Fox News, even moreso than other TV shows, is to flatter the prejudices of its audience, I don't think that was a particularly stupid thing to say.
@3 Since the purpose of this world is generally to waste all of the sun's energy for some hairless apes to entertain themselves, sure, nothing is stupid.

Except that we can do better, and purposes are not objectively, measurable things. Purposes are just post hoc rationalizations to make us feel better.
I imagine Santa having a rainbow striped penis on his head, green skin, and bat wings. I imagine Jesus with black skin, devil horns, and a second asshole where his face would be. Why? Because they are fucking imaginary! And when your imaginary character absolutely has to be white, it only reflects on your fucked up expectations and racism.
you don't like blogging about crap TV? Dude, stay tuned. Paul Constant is an expert at finding stupid shit to talk about. You'll catch on, if you're unlucky.
@6: And yet here you are, bright and early on every single post he makes, driving up his page hits and comment count, finding the stupidest shit imaginable to blather about.

If you really have such a personal and puerile vendetta against Paul Constant, the best way for you to express it is to never click on anything he posts or writes.

If you can help yourself. But of course you can't. You are that pathetic.
Great advice, although I'm not interested in any such thing called the "best way." Thanks for your concern.
As usual, Norman Lear was there decades ago.

Archie Bunker: Santa ain't black.

George Jefferson: The man who filled my stocking on Christmas Eve was black.
@2: Thirteen years old and this meme is still relevant.
I'd bet a big fat TJ's panettone that Hallmark Cards, if they haven't done a black Jesus, has done dozens of black Santas. Probably Asian ones too.
I think the most ridiculous part of this is the idea that lots of kids are watching Megan Kelly's show on FoxNews. Ridiculous, and potentially horrifying if true.
Thank you for causing me to agree with Fox News: Santa should not be a penguin.
A commenter a few weeks ago wrote with confidence that the audience demographic of The Stranger is 25 year olds, and with 25 being the new 15, I guess we gotta keep a teenager frame of mind here.
I would imagine that the part of the essay they are talking about which suggests making Santa a penguin isn't entirely serious, but Kelly seems to understand it only in the most literal, intellectually limited way.

And damn, she's a racist piece of shit.
Boy am I relieved that Rosa Parks ended racism. Thanks, Rosa!
@16 I understand that Rosa Parks was white, too.
@14, I have no idea how old you are, but you are by some distance the stupidest commenter here, despite a rich tradition of bad commenters who precede you.
The fact that Fox News doesn't burst into flames and burn to the ground is proof positive that the kind of God that many Christians claim to believe in, just doesn't exist.
THIS JUST IN: Fox tv is really stupid.
No, this is the article:…
Aisha Harris really seems to think that Santa should be a penguin.
So I saw this on the internet today.
I don't think Fox and their viewers are getting more racist. They're just getting more obvious about it. They're more confident about being racist in public. They know we can see them, it just doesn't bother them.
I saw a sticker on 15th Avenue, near John, this morning, that said "Teach your children about FOX News"

I don't have cable. I would consider spending money on this crap senseless.
Question: could Buddha be white?
it's reassuring to hear you insult me in the same way as other commenters insult me. because the others, they are new names to me, within the last 6 months, possibly a year. i vacillate on how offended I should be or how serious I should consider them, and I question my stupidity. but then you Fnarf come to insult me in the same manner, and I've been reading your comments for several years. and i definitely know you're far from being the sharpest tack. in essence, you cancel out the other similar insults that I've been at times in a quandary over.
"I know some people who claim that Megyn Kelly is really smart"

HUH? Christ I live in Utah and I haven't heard this one. Who you hangin out with?
@26 I'm sure Buddha is white, just like Jesus.
And I know Jesus is white, because Albrecht Durer told me so.
@4: i resent you characterizing me as a "hairless ape". my furry back proves you wrong.

If Santa Claus is black, then before you know it, they'll say Jesus was Jewish.
@fuckstick (comment 27 and others):
Everyone thinks all of your posts are stupid. It's likely you're pretty goddamn stupid in person too (but whether you actually are or aren't isn't something I give a flying fuck about).

What a legacy, man. You just post one stupid thing after another in an endless stream of shit. And 90% of us just skip over 99% of your posts anyway.

So, way to go, I suppose. You found something to excel at, and that thing is useless and stupid.

P.s. how's your dead, decomposing grandmother, fuckwit?
I know some people who claim that Megyn Kelly is really smart, and that she considers her role at Fox News to be performance art. I just can't buy that.

I can buy that she is really smart, but I would theorize that her actions are just cynically doing the job of propaganda for Fox News. At least she doesn't seem to be the same kind of hateful shit that Ann Coulter is. But that might be more a matter of personal style than moral substance.
Who cares what she's babbling about. The average FOX News viewer has been enticed to watch Megyn Kelly with the leg cam.
@27, your comments are usually impossible to get super-riled-up about, because no matter how hard you try, it's impossible to get any sense out of them. You're just incapable of writing an English sentence that makes any sense. You're different than Will in Seattle and Supreme Ruler in this regard; their posts make semantic sense, even when they're factually ridiculous. Trying to read you is like trying to read something that's been Google-translated three times. Even your username is like a burnt-out light bulb, the missing vowel making people squint at the darkness.

So people ignore you. But that doesn't mean they don't like you. Nobody here likes you; nobody here finds you interesting in any way shape or form -- not even in the way we find the rabid right-wingers interesting. We can argue with them; we can't argue with you, because you don't make any sense.

But lately you're starting to make a little sense, and it's scary, because it's not any smarter, just nastier. It doesn't make anyone want to read your posts more, that's for sure. You've got some kind of a thing for Paul Constant, which, if I had to guess, springs from your anger that he can formulate intelligible sentences and you can't. It's not because you have an issue with his arguments, because you don't understand his arguments.

When you were incomprehensible, you were ignorable. Now that you're getting mean, it's getting harder to ignore you. So please: fuck off. Go away. Stop commenting here. Find something else to do. Move to Idaho or something. You will never find a connection here with anyone, even the other bitter, illiterate dipshits.
@25- Buddha almost certainly was white at some point (thanks to the myth of reincarnation). Or he was an South Asian dude and nothing else.

There's some historical European guy who got morphed into the Santa myth. Or the mythical Santa can be whatever color you want him to be because he's a pretend man who lives at the North Pole with elves and flying reindeer.
I'm just glad that all the people discussing an issue regarding race are white. (/sarcasm)
@36- You idiot, St. Nicholas is West Asian!

@dnt trust me

It's like you think you're the smartest person commenting here. And it's like you think that OTHER people also think you're the smartest person here. But you're just so smart that nobody else can make any sense of you.

But it's not true. It's not that nobody else here is smart enough to make any sense of you. It's just that you actually don't make any sense.

You're a nuisance. You're that house fly buzzing around your room during the day when you're just trying to take a nap. It's harmless and for the most part you can ignore it but every once in a while it drives you crazy and you just have to take a couple of shots at it.
@ 35, dn't pay me any attention is one of only three slog regulars I block with w7ngman's script. He was easy to ignore when he was infrequent, but lately it's just a shitstorm.
@Fnarf et all concerning dnt trust me: I would like to propose that we treat him as though he were unregistered. Let his comments stack up like the little grey boxes of the late lamented Period Troll.
Dnt trust me's MO is to post increasingly nasty or idiotic things until he lures someone into responding giving him the opportunity for his very own passive agressive happy ending. This thread alone must have cost him an entire box of Kleenex.
I know the advise to "ignore the troll" is hard but in this case ignore him because it will hurt him. No one here likes him. No one on the Stranger staff likes him including the few he occasionally praises. They don't care if likes them or not. They think he's a tool, mock him, and never, ever respond to him.
So let's do the same. Let his comments stack up, talk about him with each other but never to him, and let him die inside.
@41 hey, I'd like resolve this issue as much as you.

Ok, I've made four comments on this thread. You're hell bent on saying I don't make sense, please provide an example where I'm not making sense, 2 or 3 examples preferred if you want to prove your point.
Besides, Megyn is supported by how the great Joseph Smith told all his followers that Jesus had blue eyes and a fair complexion. It's a religious belief, so in civil society you're not allowed to publicly question it.
Of course Jesus is white - all the pictures of him prove it!
I, for one, am happy to see Jesus and Santa Claus lumped together.
This is so wrong!!! Penguins live at the SOUTH pole!!!! Arg!
@ 48, my god, you have seen the obvious flaw that escaped our attention. Well done.

It should be a Christmas puffin.
Did you know the Church dug up St. Nick's bones back in the 50's while refurbing the cathedral ... took scads of measurements and X-rays ... and recently applied software-aided forensic reconstruction to the available data and images?

I give you S.Claus: Jolly Old Elf or Crazed Middle-Eastern Terrorist?

Based on available evidence, I'd put him on the no-fly list in a New York minute!
The correction at the bottom of the Slate article is even funnier than Megyn Kelly:
Correction, Dec. 10, 2013: This article originally misidentified penguins as mammals. They are birds.

That is hilarious. I've just cancelled my Friday night plans because I think I'll be in a fit of laughter for the next 48 hrs. You know just how to tickle my funny bone Fbarf.
Matt@42: It's been a while since I last heard about that script. Maybe I could go back and find it, but I'm lazy. Could you post a link or something to how to get it, how to use it? Ordinarily, I like to take SLOG comments as they come, but it seems of late that the SLOG comment thread has been decorated with these rodent droppings, and they're just getting too distracting.
Santa should be a polar bear, sharing Coca-Cola in old school coke bottles from a magically unlimited stash .... butt naked but for his red scarf ... on strangely favorable terms with baby seals ... and even strangelier favorable terms with penguins.
I have to do some googling.., Keep an eye on this space.
^ Intended as a message for Eric from Boulder.
Indeed, this is the most irritating tv clip I've seen this month, but it has led to an amusing joust between fnarf and a new idiot antagonist.
@Matt from Denver, Eric from Boulder, and any other sane person that wishes to block the fuckin' nutjobs on Slog (Heya, Fuckstick, talkin' to you here!)

The Greasemonkey script I used to use to use no longer works with the latest Firefox. And the author hasn't replied to my emails. So maybe it's time we cooked up a homegrown solution...?

Or, goddammit, maybe the geniuses at The Starnger could be arsed to block some of the stupider trolls... howzabout it, guys?
Thanks for the link to the Slate article--I've read it and no, I don't think Harris is really serious about the penguin. Or if she is, it's in a tongue-in-cheek way, if that's applicable to the written word. The entire tone of the article is somewhat light, balancing the seriousness of the subject matter.

Anyway, here's her response to Kelly:…
I had just read TPM's summary of the writer's response to Kelly when I posted @59.

In the actual response, Harris says outright that she intended to be tongue-in-cheek.…

you are fat.

"You can't take facts and then try to change them to fit some political agenda."

It was that, above all else, that gave away the fact that they're just screwing around and wasting time with this... segment. The guy conflating a black Santa with a drag queen Santa, or that portraying a fictional character as anything but white would be something "our social fabric can take" was a wink for the liberal viewers though. Homophobia and xenophobia for the win at Fox News.
1. Our current cultural image of Santa Claus is a white guy with pale skin for a Caucasian. He's also fat, married, cheerful and lives at the North Pole. To an adult, it is obvious that Santa Claus is a fictional/legendary character because his story has so many elements of magic. The word "facts" doesn't really apply here, not the way it would to someone like Saint Nicholas or even Jesus.

2. The historical Saint Nicholas was a bishop who lived in what is now Turkey. Scientists commissioned by the Vatican predicted that he would probably have had dark skin for a Caucasian.

I guess what these people are reacting to is the idea that, "Hey, we should change all our drawings of Santa Claus so that he doesn't look white because it's BAD that he looks white. Because he's not a historical figure like Abraham Lincoln, then we MUST make him non-white." I don't see why Santa Claus or anyone else being white is inherently bad. He's one character, not an ensemble cast, so he's got to be something. I can see why people would get defensive about that.
@63- I don't have a problem with Santa being white. I also don't have a problem with Santa being black, brown, beige, aubergine, etc...

Evidently some people have a real problem with Santa being not-white. Those people are idiots.
I understood Santa to be a manifestation of Odin.
Cut Ms. Kelly a little slack on this one. She probably just got Santa confused with that other stock Xmas character -- Frosty the Snowman.

Frosty's still white, amirite?
@66- "Frosty's still white, amirite?"

Except for the big yellow patch around knee level.
well .. OF COURSE santa is a drag queen.. durr.

Thanks, and I'll check in here every once in a while. And, apropos another thread, glad your daughters are safe. Mine are, too.

Awesome@58: Thanks, also. Blocking a registered commenter is pretty much the nuclear option. I like to think I would use such terrifying power wisely: avoid the temptation to erase commenters I merely disagree with, and zap only the ones whose apparent intention is to suck all intelligence out of a thread.

@42, @53

I wasn't aware of the script, but Matt's mention of the writer's name, which is unusual, made googling easy. Dr. Awesome says it won't work any longer, but I think this must be where w7ngman offered the blocking script.…

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