Another Stalled Piece of Multi-Ton Equipment—This One Headed for the Alberta Tar Sands


well, if a grandmother is willing to be arrested, then by all means cancel the project. grandmothers are always right!
Nice work!

Also the Childs link is broken.
@ 2. Fixed, thanks.
All your future is belong to Climate Change.

Sticking your heads in the Tar Sands won't change that.

So, shipping a skyscraper is a bad thing.

But building a skyscraper is a cause for joy.

Sorry ladies, that oil will be extracted, will be refined and will be sold on the global market. Either via Keystone and via West Coast Canadian ports. If you think a modern industrial economy can run on fairy dust and windmills by hippies you don't know shit about energy needs and growth.

You know what causes global warming? Prosperity.
Trying to delay the transportation of this machinery will only increase the cost to all of us, even though it's going to Canada it will come back to haunt even the grandmother.
This artical makes one believe the load has been stalled by the activists. Last I checked, it's been delayed due to weather. The activists are not as 'feared' as the like to think they are.
At least the activists can spell real good, @8
I wish somebody would explain why these megastructures have to be built offsite and shipped in as a finished product. Why can't they be built where they are needed? Would have to be easier, to just ship in the pieces and build it onsite.
Sorry for the typo, Will. I was trying to figure out what the hell "all your future is belong to Climate Change" meant.
@ 8. From the original post: "Adam Gaya of Rising Tide Seattle says that, due to the delays and some weather issues, the megaload has only moved 100 miles since late November, setting the timeline for shipping the evaporators back several weeks."
"You are responsible for continued genocide of native peoples and we will allow it to continue!"

It's good to know that groups such as Rising Tide have no interest in ending the "genocide" of native peoples, they're even allowing it to continue! What a relief.
Genocide? No better way to get your cause ignored than misusing the word genocide like that.
Oh, the irony. Hippies hate the modern energy that produces the modern technology that they love.
Not a good typo: "You are responsible for continued genocide of native peoples and we will allow it to continue!"

@15 -- Modern energy my ass.

This is the oil industry desperately digging its heels in with an even more wasteful method of extraction, instead of looking for clean fuel solutions.
By-the-by, unless you are posting with your real name, your posts have zero credibility.
#17 Modern energy won't happen in our lifetime with all the cheap oil available.
@5: Bailo, you are such a goddamn idiot.

@18: Woah thar hoss. Who's to say your *opinions* have any more credibility than anyone else?
@citizen R
It would cost 10x as much to build the equipment on site where labour shortages and extreme seasonal weather drive up costs significantly. This is such a stupid protest. These people should really look at all the facts. If they knew how many natives make a VERY good living working at good trades and jobs in the oilsands industry, maybe they would back off. It's much better than having to rely on building casinos - which by the way have a much more negative social impact that this ever could. They should also all read Ethical Oil by Ezra Levant. Where would you rather get your oil from?