Ma Savage's Christmas Snowballs


Trying these tonight. Thanks, Dan!
Would Ma Savage be pissed if I passed these out as I picket a local baptist church tomorrow during services with a sign reading "Sodomy is lots more fun than church?"
As a peace offering I will ask them if they would like some Happy Holidays gay balls.
Thanks. Every year that you post this, I find myself thinking through the losses and joys of the years past, and planning the rest of my Christmas baking.
@2: My mom had a sense of humor and she felt that turnabout was fair play and she hated piety almost as much as she hated hate. So not only wouldn't she object, she'll probably be there with you in spirit.
Recipe question: are those whole pecans that you mix in to the dough or are they chopped first? Seems like chopping them would be best....
@5: Whole pecans. Let the mixer break them up a tiny bit—but just a little. Them make the loaf. You'll slice through large pecans when you cut the loaf up into balls. Any truly too large pecans left you can break apart when you make the balls—or embed in the center of a ball. You want the pecans to be chunks you can crunch through and taste when you eat the cookies. Good luck!

Also: these are not be eaten warm—not at all. And they stay good and edible for a week or more if you keep them in an airtight container.

thanks for the clarification, Dan!
Agreed. I would have assumed chopped pecans.
Anyone who posts something shitty here is a terrible person, no ifs, ands or buts. Thanks for the recipe, Dan.
Made these last year. They really are good.
@2 Or, since you will be postponing your fun anyway, you could bring them inside to the Christmas Brunch at Seattle First Baptist Church tomorrow. A baptist church that has been marrying gay couples since 1979 and strongly campaigned for R74.
This is going to be an odd Christmas, what with Mother Vel-DuRay in the assisted living and The Old Home Place up for sale. But I am staying at one of those extended stay places with a full kitchen, and I intend to make it as normal as possible. I was looking for some cookies to make, and these might be just what the doctor ordered.

Merry Christmas, Dan dear. Looking forward to seeing you tonight at the Stephanie Miller show.
I had one of those Christmases, Catalina. Ended up in South Dakota at Christmas to clean out my grandmother's house and get it fixed up for selling. Could not stay there with the paint fumes and sawdust, so I cooked myself a Christmas dinner via a hot pot, a microwave, a toaster, and a coffee maker in a small motel in Madison. It was odd, but as normal as I could make it. I hope your cookies turn out well, and your Christmas is enjoyable.
Going to try these this year, I think :)
The holidays have been odd, past couple of years. I still miss Memorex, & my dad..

..but having online friends to reach out to (& some pretty great ones here, too) helps keep me grounded. Thanks for reminding us it's OK to have a cry once in awhile.

Am home making cookies all day today. These seem like they'd be similar to Russian tea cakes/Mexican wedding cookies..but chocolate. Every year I've said I'll make 'em, but this is the year that I will.

Thanks for sharing, Dan.

Happy Christmas, Slog...XOXO
A better title for this post would have been " My Grandmother's Balls". I guarantee that would have garnered three to four times more clicks.
Well, hell, I certainly wasn't expecting to tear up catching up on Slog on a Sunday morning, much less to a cookie recipe post. My mom's favorite was almond roca cookies, and then always made a Christmas braid Christmas morning. She passed in 2007. Crazy how it keeps sneaking up on you out of nowhere.

But, hey, " it's alright to cry. Crying takes the sad out of you." (From Xmas gift LP circa 1973). Thanks, Dan. You're the best.
@ 15 they are a crisp, light, dry kind of cookie. Or, at least, that's the way they turned out when I made them, if I did it right. Almost the texture of the inside of a Malteser candy.
Saved into my Paprika App for perpetuity. Any chance of a pic of you cradling your balls for my recipe? Seeing as you are now Ma Savage!
wow we wondered when the recipe would get posted this season.

these little turd drops proscribed by the blessed mother are a sacrament for all the buttfucker fanboys in Danny's cult of personality.
Ah, damn, that last one did it - I'm now sorry for the troll. He's got to be in a lot of pain to lash out like that.

I don't know what was done to you, man, to have you turn out this way, but I'm so sorry it happened. Therapy, really. It helps.
How many cookies does this recipe make, approximately?
@12: Good luck, dear. Our hearts are with you.
are you kidding us?

this IS therapy......
Last night I made a very large pot of Cabbage Rolls, while thinking of my Mom. She didn't make them for Christmas, mind you, but I wanted to commune with her a bit, so Cabbage Rolls it was. Raisin tarts for next week.
Yah, @12 - hope it all comes out OK. Sorry it's hard, right now. Sending you thoughts of a fabulous holiday cocktail.

@18, thanks! Turns out I didn't have pecans, so I didn't make the Savage Snowballs yet. Did oatmeal-cranberry-butterscotch chip, instead. But I'm acquiring pecans tomorrow specifically for this recipe.
Can't wait - thank you!
Would these be just as good with walnuts? Pecans are horrendously expensive here, and hard to find in quantity, but we've got bushels of walnuts from trees around us.
Like @22 said- what's the approximate yield for this recipe? Trying to figure out if I need to double it or not.
@recipe It's just like the Westboro Baptists say, teh gays are always trying to shove their balls down the throats of real Americans. Yum.
@28 I frequently swap pecans and walnuts. Never had a fail.
I bought a bag of pecans at Costco, totally forgetting that I had already bought a bag of pecans at Costco. Extra pecans must be a sign! Me and the little one are gonna make them tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.
of the cookies i made this year these were by far the best. the other ones are being given out as gifts!

yield = 40 cookies
Did anyone try these without a mixer? Dan talks about a mixer breaking up the pecans..but I'm mixer less.