Area Man Adds Thirty Copies of Last Print Issue of The Onion to Pile of Newspapers That Will Topple and Kill Him Someday


"Area Man"

Nice touch!
Dammit. I have a friend in Milwaukee on retainer to get me a copy of this. If he can't track one down because a bunch of assholes are hoarding all of them, I'm gonna be pissed.

On a lighter note, I've been adopting a strict rule of recycling magazines which are more than a year old. Somehow I don't think I'm ever going to get around to reading the Summer, 2012 Culture if I've missed it so far. Winter, 2013 has a Manchego centerfold. Yum!
@2 send me your address, I'll mail you one. Put it in comments?
I still have two copies of the first Onion paper after 9/11. They didn't publish for a bit after the attacks as everyone was trying to figure out if we were allowed to be funny again. The headline on that paper. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! I remember crying with laughter at each article in that edition, and I guess it says something about me that I don't have a copy of any other newspaper from 9/11, but I have two of the Onion.
When I was moving from Seattle in 2001, my partner (now husband! thanks NJ) was similarly critical of the newspapers I had saved. HOWEVER, the Seattle Public Library had not started collecting The Stranger until its second or third year of publication. Because of my hoarding, I was able to donate an almost-complete set of Strangers from the early 1990s. Stay strong, area man, posterity may thank you.
@5: That was indeed a memorable issue of the Onion.
@5, @7. I also remember that issue. It took the sting off a little bit.

"I clip it and give it to him, and he just adds it to the pile."

@5, I have one precious copy of that issue ("God Angrily Clarifies 'Don't Kill' Rule"), as well as my cherished copy of the post-9/11 New Yorker which I had envisioned completely in every detail before I had ever seen it.