The New Year's Morning News


I don't think Japan's decline in population is particularly good news for blue fin tuna, as sushi has become a globally consumed dish and will continue to be hunted.

It might be good news for whales, though, since Japan is one of the few nations that hunt whales commercially (even though they claim it's for science).
Is there any hope that Aaron Pickus will now return to New Jersey where his talents will be far more appreciated?
we're 6 months behind CO because of the WSLCB, not because we're stoners. it will be >/= 20 months enacting the freaking initiative.
No mention of Fukushima reactor #3? I figured you, of all people, would be all over that story. Apparently, it's melting down.
I for one am glad to welcome Godzilla and Cthulhu, newly freed by Big Bertha, to the new year ...
Birth control pills aren't prescribed exclusivley for reasons concerning pregnancy. Like most drugs, they have other uses. You'd think a nunnery would understand this.

@4 yes, tweeted yesterday - did you see the map of radiation impacts on US cattle?
In local news, suspected arson at Neighbours?…
A catholic non-profit hires a non-catholic and can deny that person elements of the ACA.
They not all nuns, or catholic.
McGinn proposed a $241 million dollar ballot measure to pay for the seawall replacement when he first got into office.

Bad at math, poor communication skills.

I wonder if Murray will try to stand outside of the council chamber doors to give his annual address to the city, like McGinn tried to do.
Yes, MrBaker, but many of us have heard you and some friends rant about how you feel about the tax money collected by the Port of Seattle to support their infrastructure/lawyers challenging the arena. Same logic.
@12 - Wait, was Bailo finally banned?
Well, the ACA meant that my really cheap (for a single 53 yr old male) insurance was going to go up 80%. The old one didn't have any drug coverage, so not the greatest plan. Figuring in the subsidy, it's only going up 60% . Still, I do get presecription drug coverage now, though I can't figure out from the health insurance Jargon in the policy what that means. It seems to mean I can only get prescription drugs covered for a month. So it doesn't seem like much of a deal. Paying an extra $1500 a year for the possibility of getting a single month's worth of drugs partially paid for, if I should need that.
@15: Are you going to be able to see the same Dr. and use the same hospital?
Do we have a definitive date on pot stores opening here yet?
About fucking time bluefin tuna got some ink around here.
@15, it's entirely possible you misread that, because it probably says that you will get a month's worth at a time. Just as most of us do. Geezuz, read things before you complain.
@15, many insurance plans let you get up to three months at a time from on-line pharmacies like Costco. The savings are usually significant for meds that you're on long-term.

Goldy is dumbass squared.

a declining population is a dying population.

a harbinger for post-reproduction homoliberal societies everywhere.......
Hopefully the transition to fully government provided health insurance will happen sooner rather than later, and the idiotic notion of "private free-market health insurance companies" will disappear forever.

If Japan's population decline is Great News! for blue fin tuna is AIDS Great News for pink polyester leisure suits?
@11, not even close.
Maybe Japan has different immigration and citizenship laws, and how the count population.

(How many people in Japan vs how many Japanese citizens)

More advanced societies often have lower birth rates.
And a few million of us who paid for our health insurance for years now can't afford the new policies after ours were cancelled and no longer have health insurance. Hope I don't get sick.
#16, It's group health, so I guess it's all the same hospital. I've never used it so I don't have a doctor. I know I'm supposed to be deeply concerned about keeping "My" doctor etc etc, but that's just not something I've ever had to care about, which is really just a way of saying I've been lucky with my health.

I don't know what the deal is about the one month of drugs. Like I said, the jargon is confusing. The Group Health Website is confusing, it mainly just refers one to call during the day, 8-5.
I'm not really expecting great service out of them if I ever have to use it. It will probably not go well. But Consumer Reports gives them much better rating than the for profit plans.
Why does one Supreme Court Justice get to change/postpone a provision of the ACA? I had no idea that was possible; thought the whole Court had to accept review and weigh in.
@27, call the number instead of wondering on an internet blog.
THIS JUST IN from the Department of Redundancy Department:

> A ceremonial inauguration ceremony