And Journalists Wonder Why Anarchists Don't Trust Us to Be Fair


Sure does feel like 1914
Utter Bullshit.
Anarchists, like every other group, have the right of freedom of speech, assembly, and due process under the law.

If I were this kid I'd get the ACLU to sue this news station for libel and slander.
It is KIRO; they made the May Day stuff seem like the Oklahoma City Bombing.
Where was he on New Year's Eve? I kid. I kid.
KIRO also posted an image of him and the story. People are posting death threats on the post. If everyone could take a moment to report the post and the page, it would be appreciated by his friends. Brendan's a great guy. I've worked with him to help the homeless on many an occasion. He doesn't deserve to have his character defamed like this.…
@5 report kiro to the fcc
@2 he would have a damn compelling case too.
And... the post is gone. Thank you all!
Well done and many thanks to everyone who reported the Facebook thread. Unfortunately, I wish I could say KIRO and Rosoff's eagerness to assist in the SPD's persecution of our comrades was unusual or even noteworthy.
@4 Where was he on New Year's Eve? Getting hassled by the cops. Stopped, searched, photographed, made to provide ID, etc. Several people have the whole thing on video. Was he on Capitol Hill? Nope. Was he creating a disturbance? Nope. Drunk? Nope? Now or ever has been a member of the Communist Party? Still nope. Just riding his bike to meet up with friends who had been trying out some new BATTERY POWERED LIGHTS. OMG, the terror! The horror! Whatever will the bullies in blue do now?!? They've got lights! Run away!!!!!!!!!
I believe this is the same KIRO 7 that, in response to seeing flash-bang grenades go off at the May Day protest last year, immediately said protestors (not cops) were throwing them. That's some journalistic integrity right there.
KIRO - Right wing conservative owned. Research it - it's a local mouthpiece of the Republican party. They need to be called out way more than they are.

Who needs a kangaroo court when we have a weak tv station? It amuses me that they still have Steve Raibles on their 'team' too. I keep thinking of the media "Award for Urgency" they were given after the WTO reporting. It was one of the most hilarious moments ever on live television. They were doing their usual over drumming up drama anyway they could when S.R. hit upon the idea that his reporter on the ground had not reported in for a while an he couldn't rouse her. The next thing you hear is the sound of a flushing toilet. I roll remembering Steve Raibles face staring into the camera listening to that. This is more of the same messed up drama without the flush.
A worthwhile post. Thank you.

@1: what the fuck are you talking about?
@12 dorky munson is the worst of the crew. Noon to three every day. He's a piece of work, should not be allowed to comment on public affairs, should stick to sports. Half the public officials surveyed will not talk to him, too abrasive and stupid.
@14 probably the first red scare, and the mass deportation of leftist citizens, and imigrants who had leftist leanings, by the good ole' us of a.
@15 Dori Monson is on KIRO radio, which has no affiliation with KIRO 7 other than that they have the same call letters. The only radio/TV combo owned under the same umbrella and call letters is KOMO.
Who's feeling Dorky now?

@14 @1 is alluding to WWI

So they treat society around them like crap, but they're shocked and appalled that society would treat them like crap right back? Sorry, but ya'll need to learn how to take what you dish out.
and the legal system... self declaring yourself to be an anarchist is not a crime. it's appalling that was even leveled as a charge of guilt. i know the accused - he's an intelligent young man. i don't know him well enough to know what he does at all times, but i know several people accused to being anarchist vandals by the spd, and they don't target people because they are guilty of vandalism - they target them because they are political. they never have evidence beyond political ideology. this is not freedom.
WAIT someone needs to clear something up. If this guy was doing nothing no where all the time, just sitting and watching the grass grow, why is everyone so interested in him? Something is not adding up. No one cares what he calls himself, but some people care what he does. What are we not being told?
Fuck your due process if you don't believe in government and law.
Regardless of whether this guy was involved or not, how idiotic do you have to be to be an "anarchist vandal." Spray-painting walls and smashing ATMs and Nike windows, the revolution is just around the corner.

A lot of young men smash shit, it's just these kids that pretend it has any impact on the system, other than making anarchists look bad.

If they were real anarchists they were be starting co-ops, fighting police brutality, doing volunteer work in poor neighborhoods, pretty much anything other than spray-painting walls and smashing shit for the fun of it.
21, are you sure he hasn't been hired by the FBI to instigate violence at protests?
*yawn* KIRO TV is building an audience to watch commercials, they're not in the business of journalism.
@19: um, yeah I got that, thanks. The question is why he's alluding to WW I since it's an absurd comparison.

Anarchist assassinating the duke to start the war in 1914; police treating anarchists here as if the actions they are presumed to promote are of similar magnitude.
Also sounds like KIRO went to his neighbors and said he was vandalizing the neighborhood despite the fact the police do not have evidence to charge him with any crime. I would be talking to a lawyer if I were this man who was, not asked or accused, but called a criminal in a very public way by a very aggressive news station that appears more concerned with sensationalism than facts.
@29 hire a lawyer and use the legal system? How bourgeois!
@29 excellent points. Henry Rosoff is such a sweet little lap puppy for the SPD! Bark at the "anarchists" li'l fella! Join in the Pig Pile! Fucking HACK.
@27 Yeah its a bit of a stretch but I've got a feeling we're gonna see a lot of lame 1914,2014 comparisons over the next year. Had a friend do it not 2 weeks into the new year during a discussion about Syria. Don't ask it got very convoluted when I asked for an explanation.
KIRO is terrible. KIRO has always been terrible. No one affiliated with KIRO deserves the title "journalist." If you ever find yourself in a position to be newsworthy, and KIRO asks for a comment, tell KIRO to go fuck themselves.
Hey, you know what? The reason we shouldn't trust Anarchists is because they produce full length "documentaries" on critical infrastructure that has little to do with social change, but has everything to do with highlighting these as vulnerable choke points in our infrastructure. They also threaten reported with sniper fire. You might recognize the narrator as the same in all three links below. The guy is sick and needs help.…

Itchy trigger finger:…

start at 4:28: http://allpowertothepositive.podomatic.c…
Does any journalist really wonder why an anarchist might not trust him or her to be fair?
Let me get this straight, Kiley, you are referring to the whorescum at KIRO as journalists?

KIRO? KING? Maybe Fox and CNN next, perhaps?

That's akin to members of the staff of The Stranger making insipid comments on the JFK assassination without ever bothering to read that pile of drivel known as the Warren Commission Report.…

@28, try not to robotically repeat every piece of bullcrap you learned in pinhead school: Columbus did not discover America, and wasn't some effing saint, and the WMDs were never the justification for the Bush family's illegal invasion of Iraq (no matter what your hero, Dano "let's invade Iraq" Savage once believed), and the cause of WWI wasn't what you just now robotically repeated.

Try following the money, learning who actually owns stuff, and learning real history for a change, fool!
@23 Hey, Sirkowski, the next time someone tries to ban your porn comics, just remember, government, law and capitalism uber alles.
@22, Saggy Bullcrap:

WAIT someone needs to clear something up. If this guy was doing nothing no where all the time, just sitting and watching the grass grow, why is everyone so interested in him?

Douchetard! Who would possibly spew forth the most moronic comment here?

You, nimrod! If a criminal points the finger at an innocent person, the innocent person must be guilty, right?

You certainly could never pass a sanity test, moron!
He'll, I don't trust journalists nor anarchists. But given a choice I'll believe a journalist over an anarchist any day!
That is. Damn autocorrect!
@27 and others - except that the assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand wasn't carried out by anarchists but by Slavic Nationalists associated with the groups Young Bosnia and The Black Hand.

Anarchists have lots of hits under our belts: President McKinley, King Umberto I, and Czar Alexander II are three of the most well known among many, but we just can't claim to have started WWI with any historic accuracy.
@23 Fuck you. Seriously.

@24 Any reason why someone couldn't do all of those things AND smash banks?

Statists gunna state. Kiro is dildos. Glad this kid got off without too much harassment.

They're bustin' in your windows
They're snatchin' your people up
Tryna arrest 'em so y'all need to
Hide you bike helmets, hide your goggles, hide your dark clothes.
And hide your friend cuz they're arrestin' everybody out here
You don't have to come and confess
They're lookin' for you
They're gon' find you They're gon' find you
So you can run and tell that,
Run and tell that
Run and tell that, homeboy
Home, home, homeboy
So if someone tips over tombstones in a jewish cemetery, or spray paints "fag" on Gay community center, breaks the windows at an alternative weekly, are those violent acts or merely vandalism? Is the definition dependent on the identity of the recipient of the act?
Kind of like the way Slog hung Musab Mohamed Masmari out to dry when there's no charges against him. But that's ok, he was a Muslim, not some middle class white kid from Eugene!
@44. No, the definition of vandalism is based on the identity of the perpetrator. Eg, Anarchist burns down a house = protest against gentrification and yuppies. Anyone else = arson. Anarchist blows up power lines = defiance of the system; anyone else = act of Terrorism. Anarchist = ends justify all means, anyone else = held accountable for all actions regardless of intent. You had better learn the difference. Comrade.
@28: Yes, 21st Century Seattle is EXACTLY a microcosm of prewar Europe. The Seattle City Council is just like the monarchial systems prevailing across the continent. The Washington State Ferry Service is exactly like the the naval arms race between Britain and Germany.

If I knew or cared about Seattle local politics I could undoubtedly find other sinister parallels.

Oh, and graffiti is just like the Armory show of 1913.
@47 Loved the armory bit you threw in there. Kudoes!
#39 fuck you seriously you sack of cat shit. What the hell are you talking about? Leave SLOG and come back when you have something to say. I don't give a shit about what you or anyone else calls them self. You're not that important. I do care when the police get involved. You hate the police because you're scum and filth. I see them providing a service. Fuck off. Nimrod, you have no idea who Nimrod was. Fucking idiot.
@18 My bad. Are you defending dorky munson? Give me ONE reason to listen to him.
The Ku Klux Klan burning crosses wasn't terrorism because nobody got hurt.

I have more trust in the Canadian Charter of Rights than Bakunin's antisemitic rants.
@24, anarchists, by definition, don't believe that any sort of organized activity is valid. They're not likely to be found volunteering in poor neighborhoods, starting co-ops, or any of those things you mentioned, because they are all organized, cooperative activities, often supported by government grants.
@52 if you are not trolling, and truly believe what you just posted. I.... feel bad for your children, they are being brought up or will be brought up by an ignoramus supreme.
@52 is a Stalinist and thinks that Trots aren't Leninists, so you can pretty much dismiss anything she says about the radical left on that basis.
@53, 54 #52 is right though. Anarchists usually don't volunteer. They tend to organize their own incapable organizations.
@24 You have no understanding of Anarchism. Anarchists have no issues with organization provided the organization in question has a horizontal structure (I.e. no bosses or leaders).
This has happened many times before. A media corp acts through sensationalism to take a person who is innocent and make them guilty just because they got arrested. It happened to Alex Garland, Maria Morales and others at the May Day 2012 protests.
The media should not dictate our legal status. Because if the whole world already thinks you are guilty, because of some unprofessional and offensive reporting, you might as well be. Mr. McCormack is not a violent criminal. He is probably a normal guy with some radical beliefs.
Just check out his FB page... doesn't seem very violent to me.
@55 I really can't respond to such ignorance...
Not once in their reporting on anarchists has KIRO mentioned photocopiers. I think we can safely say they know nothing about the subject.
It's clear the author is not familiar with criminal court proceedings. Declining to press charges at this point does not mean charges won't be filed. The judge does not press charges, the prosecutor does. All this means is that the cops are still building their case. If charges are not filed, the judge must release the accused. I'm guessing there was no prior record or indications the subject was violent towards people so he was released on PR (no bail). I guess "getting it wrong" is contagious. Glass houses, Brendan Kiley.
@58 Good.