Cavity Search: Skittles Forever


I had a green skittle last night for the first time and we were all kind of freaked out that they were no longer lime flavored.
Excellent job linking to the Breitbart. Comments are hilarious.

"Treyvon tested. Treyvon approved."
This sounds awesome.

@1: They're back to apple again? I stopped buying them for a while, then when they went back to lime, I got some again, but if they're back to apple.............

Green apple candy flavor is one of the worst things known to man.
@2 - Yikes. Relinked to "For the Win" USA Today site. Article comes with a Skittles selfie.
You forgot sour skittles
I'm just bout that action Remix boss.
I can't believe you didn't mention the "Marshawn Lynch inspired" Beast Mode Hot Skittles Sausage that's been making the rounds. Yeah, really, sausage with Skittles in it.

We're going to see the remnants of a lot of this stuff in puddles of vomit on Sunday, win or lose.

@5 - Sadly, I had to leave out my opinions on Sours, Crazy Cores, Fizzl'd Fruits, and Ice Cream Treats because there's not even enough space, even on the internet.

@7 - Believe it sir. The integrity of my column will not be tainted by such monstrosities. Skittles limited-edition Vomit.
I have tried very hard to learn to like Skittles even a little. People I love love Skittles. I just can't.
Beast mode and Skittles, explained by SCIENCE!:…
(Skeptical that anything can come between me and Starbursts, but gotta try.)
I like the Wild Berry SkittlesĀ® best. Several years ago, they tossed a few secret (not very), special (yes, very!) Candy-apple skittles into each bag. They were a pleasing shade of apple-flesh cream and honestly the tastiest SkittlesĀ® ever concocted on God's lime green earth. Sadly, I must have been the only person who liked them because, as far as I know, the flavor's never made a reappearance.

As for the regular Wild Berry SkittlesĀ®, the strawberry and melonberry (??) are best when eaten together.
Y'know whats colorful like skittles, but deelishous like eggs?

Cadbury's Mini Eggs.

Jus sayin.
Skittles Gum: "Ya can't not swallow it!"

This shoulda been their official slogan
@14: True.
@1 - I feel your pain. I used to love Skittles - but then they changed the green Skittle to sour apple and ruined the whole damn bag.

Lime Skittles were never the best skittle to begin with, but they'd at least blend well with the others. Sour apple is offensively bad forcing me to eat around them. I've just stopped getting them altogether now.
Both sour apple and lime are delicious flavors of green.

Totes unimpressed, but still likable, on the dessert Skittles.

The nastiest flavor candy anywhere is cherry starburst.
I tried those "darkside" ones once. They weren't good, and I'm not inclined to try the others. For me, skittles are about the flavor. Yeah it's industrial-processed to the hilt, but those fruit flavors are about the best you'll find in a mass produced candy. The texture is secondary, and getting different flavors isn't an attraction to me.

The best thing is skittle-flavored jellybeans.
Skittle used to have Vitamin C in em.
OMG Skittles Gum. I ingested like a whole pack of that damn stuff. Did you ever try Carnival Skittles? They came in Bubble Gum, Candy Apple, Cotton Candy, Liquorice (like Red Vine-type), adn Green Slushy flavors. They were an abomination.
Sour Skittles are awesome, although they will make you feel like your mouth was raped by steel wool.
@13 - I love those too! I think Tropical win for my "utra-fave" though, but Wild Berry is a close second for sure. Maybe a tie.


@21 - Ugh, yes, so disgusting! And I tried them when they only had the huge bags for sale :(
There is no way I can condone Marshawn Lynch's use of performance enhancing candies, unless they are Jolly Ranchers. Allowing the inapropriate application of Peeps outside of easter baskets is just as appalling. This world is insane.