Jazz and Modernism


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Charles broke Slog!
Italics are like typographical jazz hands!
1), it was split by link tags. but what's weird is i fixed almost instantly after posting. around 8:50 am.
Le Corbusier was one of the most evil men of the 20th century, and his ideas harmed as many lives as Hitler and Stalin combined, right up to the present day.
@5: Are you seriously equating the harm caused by ugly and inhumane architecture with that caused by two genocidal tyrants?
Le Corbusier was insane in the wrong way. His architecture is anti-human, and in that sense, anti-future. Grandiose to the point of grotesquerie, non-functional, and lacking soul.

Linking him with something as positive and progressive as jazz is a mistake, imho.
@6, Le Corbusier's building ideas were not bad because they were ugly. They're not ugly; they're beautiful. But they are dreadful, dreadful places for humans to live, and there are SO MANY OF THEM. Hundreds of millions of people have had their lives stunted and damaged by his ideas (mostly implemented by other people, of course).

My equation is not about severity but about sheer numbers of people. Corbu's got the numbers.

Esthetics is not a significant part of good architecture.
Fuck Le Corbusier.