No shirt
No shoes
No gays
No -fill in the blank
The schadenfreude will be unbearable when someone uses this against a xtian ("I refuse to serve baptists/whatever at my movie theatre!") and then the state supreme court is forced to either throw out the law or allow discrimination against xtians (equal protection under the law and all that).
Since when does mayonnaise have lard in it? It's eggs and oil.
@3: Larded with mayonnaise. The claim is that it is stuffed with something similar to lard, mayonnaise.

@Bill: I'm far more concerned with the Cops and EMS techs refusing service to people than the bakeries. Though the bakeries are problematic too.
It won't pass the state senate. When even Susan Wagle is against it, it has no chance.
Gov. Brownback is in serious trouble for his re-election, and may lose to a Democrat this fall. The insane right sees this as their last chance to get every bit of stupidity into law and/or whip up their base for the fall elections. Besides this, they're trying to pull Kansas out of the Common Core School Standards so they can teach creationism, and there will likely be some other anti-immigrant and anti-abortion nonsense coming up, too, but it is all likely to fail.
The big trouble with Kansas politics is that its biggest city (KC) is in Missouri. Imagine Washington State politics if Seattle didn't get to vote.
@2, 6: You could conceivably discriminate against couples married under other religions under the logic that your religion mandates that marriages be performed a certain way, and all others are invalid. The way the bill is written, such discrimination would be protected under it.

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