Irrational Games, Makers of Bioshock, Shutting Down


are they Seattle based?
Meh, bioshock was always just a watered-down, over-produced, big-business remake of System Shock / Deus Ex for casuals anyways.
I've only played a few hours of Bioshock Infinite, but I love it so far.
Bioshock 2 was the weakest, but it was still damn fun.
Awfully near the end of Infinite I simply couldn't go on. The combat was predictable, for the life of me I couldn't keep up with the plot any more, and my mind insisted on starting to forget details about the characters. I hoped they were really going somewhere with the pointed social references but it's as if they were style gestures rather than underpinnings of the story.

One day I may have to steel myself and just finish it on the remote chance it comes together.
I really liked the first one, thought the second one was ok, and played the third one for maybe ten minutes. Very boring. That series needs to go away 5 or 10 years and then come back with something fresh.
Interesting. Not too long ago Atlus, the makers of the popular Persona series was having financial troubles as well. Luckily they got bought, I guess, by a company that wants to do well by the franchise.

What's the common denominator between video game companies that make a massively popular franchise turning around and either filing for bankruptcy or shutting down?
@5 Some here. I ended up just watching the ending on YouTube. Saved me a lot of time and frustration. (And the ending still doesn't explain everything)
Bioshock Infinite is a beautiful game but I thought it was a huge disappointment. The gameplay seemed stale with endless arena style combat and the RPGesque elements (that were once the hallmark of the "Shock" games) almost entirely removed. The world simply wasn't as well-realized as the first game, either. None of the characters were terribly compelling. While I enjoyed watching the hyperviolence implicit in Columbia's society become explicit, the nonstop murderfest gameplay was somewhat jarring and mostly boring.

Frankly, I have a feeling whatever game Ken Levine makes next is going to be better than Infinite.
I never liked the "feel" of the Bioshock games - the animations felt too snappy to me, like everyone was in a Chuck Avery cartoon or something - but I blamed that on the engine. The story and environments were pretty strong though. I'm disappointed to find out about this, but I do have to admit that I couldn't keep my attention on Bioshock Infinite for more than about 30 minutes at a time. Maybe it was because I'd just finished The Last of Us right beforehand, but I did find it paled in comparison to what I'd been told to expect.