Artistic Directors Show the World Their White-Guy Blinders, Twitter Explodes in Their Faces


Twitter?! That's the worst!
There's a really great Storify that compiles all the Twitter conversation here, for those who want to see everything that unfolded in all it's effed up glory:…

Elissa also posted a fantastic blog post in response to the evening here:…
This was fantastic reading. So much truth. Now go see "The Piano Teacher" by Julia Cho at Rep Stage in Columbia MD. Closes Sunday.
Much truth here. Now go see a play at a DC Metro Area theatre, Rep Stage in Columbia MD, "The Piano Teacher" by Julia Cho, directed by Kasi Campbell. Closes

See what one award winning young female Korean-American playwright is writing. Directed by a female director as well. Here is some programming everyone should get behind. Enjoy!

Roaring with laughter. Does anyone else remember the discussion on the stage on the Intiman, held after Mike Daisey's piece about the state of theatre? Looked ALOT like that panel in DC.
As a theater professional (and a white guy) who has worked all over the country I have one work for the future of the theater as expressed here: SNORE
Hey, you don't suppose there are so many productions of "Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike" and "Venus in Fur" because those shows won Tonys, do you?

There may be something wrong with the Tonys, but that's a different discussion. Tony winners sell tickets.
Yes, Tony winning plays make money and both are small cast productions. The real issue is when you look at the seasons of the Regional Theaters, it does not balance out. White male writers are king, which goes along with the white males as artistic directors.
Meanwhile in Seattle we produce a an opera about the Jerry Springer show and can only manage to cast two actors of color with nary a comment about that in any of the reviews.