More Fallout from the D.C. Theater "Summit" (Or, Blinded By the Lightness)


If women wrote better plays, we wouldn't be having this discussion.
@1 If women wrote better plays, would they get any stage time? Would they still be directed mainly by men, adapted mainly by men? Perhaps recasting all the female roles as men?

What would building a better woman-written play look like? If I were a playwright, what would I be asking myself--"How do I make men more interested in my work, so they'll opt to stage it and direct it?" Why does that decision end up mainly in the hands of men? Do I need to imagine myself as a man, and try to subject my work to that perspective? Or can I work authentically, as myself?

I'm feeding a troll a bit, I apologize.

I was fortunate as a coed to get to see some of the Bard's best work in the reincarnation of his theatre, but after that I lost interest in being part of the audience. I don't care about Noel Coward at this point or Pinter or the rest these days because I'm tired of trying to fit into a man's mold. My tumescent lady boner just doesn't fit there. I'd like to see something onstage that mirrors me, too.
If you don't cultivate an adventurous audience, then you are stuck producing things that are already recognized by your audience.

If you don't know how to market new work, then you are stuck producing things that are already recognized by your audience.

If your audience doesn't use the more "social" aspects of the internet, then your ability to use word-of-mouth to promote your plays is much more limited.

If most of your money comes from large, steady sources that view art as an abstract good, and your Board satisfied with your theatre's failure to develop new audiences because obviously "the kids these days" are terrible cretins who just don't appreciate art, then you are already excused for failing. This familiar failure is a much more easily defended than failing while trying something new.
sweet jesus the drama! i went to a HS like the one in Fame, and this is exactly how all the theatre majors were. it makes me want to smoke a joint with the burnouts.
If it isn't on WhatsApp, I'm not interested. Twitter...