Here's Why the Oscars Have Nothing to Do with Quality


Who would have thunk somebody in Hollywood is petty and self-absorbed???
Six thousand former prom kings, prom queens, and their respective runners-up, still doing the prom.
...So "Pat" is George St. Geegland?

I would never judge 6,000 people by the actions of just one. God, I just encountered some right wing cretin somewhere who was judging all LGBT people because ONE supposedly pulled a gun in the office of an anti-gay hate group once. It's the exact same reasoning.

That said, who would ever have thunk politics had anything to do with the Academy Awards®?
Anyone who thinks Amy Adams had no boobs in that dress is unqualified to make statements about a visual medium.
You find this shocking. The Gregory Awards in this town are really no more than a popularity contest as well.
It's kind of sweet to see each generation learn this for themselves about the Oscars.

And this differs from any other awards presentation anywhere how exactly?
Paul, is it safe to say that "Pat's" speculation as to the character of various nominees is about on par with your speculation as to the character of the other 5,999 members of the Academy?
I realized all of these human truths when a politician I can’t stand won the Whitehouse twice.
I like Hugh Jackman even more now.
I can't believe Julia Sweeney could be so petty.
The best picture doesn't always win Best Picture? Politics, emotion and friendships play a role in the Academy Awards (and just about all awards). I'm shocked! Lucky we have Paul Constant to open our eyes to the blindingly obvious.
Also, it's not like Pat's a total sleazebag...sure he may think a girl needs double DDs to win best actress, but he also says this (and it's a good point):

"I thought Jared Leto was good, but a lot of his stuff was external. The makeup people did a great job on him. I would have loved to see a real transgender or gay actor play that part. They would have brought a whole other dimension to it."
@14: I think I know "Pat" well enough to say he'd be ok with C cups.
Yeah. I used to work in the office of a local billionaire who is a member of the Academies for both the Emmys and the Oscars. Believe me, the savvy contenders for an award know how to keep themselves in the good graces of Academy members. It was common for him to receive gifts from directors, actors, and producers with films in the running.

In fact, I think gifts generate a lot of buzz for many films. It's not that Academy members really give a shit about a bottle of wine or whatever, but the gesture can help bring a film to an Academy member's attention.

The "for your consideration" packages he would receive for the Emmys were amazing- usually big custom-made cases to house DVD sets and schwag that would be the envy of true fans. Of course, he didn't care about that stuff. We'd rip the DVDs to put on his media servers and throw the rest away.
I still remember the day Titanic won like my parents remember RFKs assassination. A day marked by a profound and sudden loss of innocence. Recently there was a fun article about how some members of the academy who did not appreciate Wolf of Wall Street that included this fun tid-bit -

"The 75-year-old actress, who appeared in “The Apartment” and “Irma la Douce,” among others, and her friends bashed current films, including “Inside Llewyn Davis,” and praised “White Christmas,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “As Good As it Gets” and “The Wizard of Oz.”
Holiday did say that she “liked” David O. Russell’s “American Hustle,” but found it “confusing.”"

That pretty much summed up everything I assumed about these people.
I'm pretty sure they don't even watch all of the movies.
Just imagine that Oscar is an old white dude who is a little pervy but focused on morality and prone to making grand political gestures to throw the liberals a bone now and then.
Just be thankful that the nominations are decided by the people who actually work in that particular field; so actual directors did occasionally throw a bone of a nomination to Altman, for example. Imagine what the nominations would look like if every idiot in the Academy could decide on it.

Six thousand people, most of whom are not serious filmmakers? No wonder the best nominee rarely wins.
They should create honeypot Academy member accounts, and any film that sends any gift whatsoever to the account is instantly disqualified from all awards.
@ 8. - Not saying it is different. Just saying it is. Can't judge the Oscars when our own theatre awards event smells of nepotism. And if you want evidence, I can provide plenty.
We'll always have the unbending integrity of the Grammies.
Not even just niceness or the perceived lack thereof: boob size. Charming.
I think the Academy are terrible, but I really wonder how many "anonymous sources" are fiction.

"On why "Pat" won't vote for Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence for acting awards:

It would have made more sense that [Christian Bale's character in American Hustle] left an older woman for Amy Adams. By the way, Amy had no boobs in that dress. A beautiful dress, but she’s flat chested."

I expect the old coots to THINK that, but to tell an interviewer? Eh.
The Academy Awards is not the Olympics. It's nothing more than an industry trade show.
@18, many of them have said as much. Especially the shorts, the documentaries, the animateds and the foreigns.