More Evidence About the US Army Spy Who Befriended Local Activists and Encouraged the Purchase of Guns


What's to stop the Army from claiming having this go to trial would reveal some sort of non-specific secrets and having the case dismissed? That argument worked for the NSA with wiretapping.
This is scary and a very big deal. Thanks for following up.
@1 nothing
@ #1: What keeps the Army from moving to dismiss is they got let out of the suit through motions which the court considered prior to this information emerging through public records requests (despite it being clearly within the scope of my own public records requests from Pierce County in both 2011 and 2012). So the Army is not a defendant as an entity, while two of its employees are. Those employees are now in the position of facing these consequences alone, OR suing their Employer to pay for the consequences and come back into the case as a defendant. (Rudd is a current Army employee, Towery went to work for a different office after the scandal and his exact status is not known). Rudd also triggered Olympia PD to look at off base protests which resulted in felony arrests of two PMR participants in 2010. One of those cases goes to trial in March (11th) this year in Tacoma.
#5 yes - providing a gun to a self described Anarchist while being employed by the US Army as a "Criminal Intelligence Analyst" might sound completely harmless if you isolate the part where he suggested they go shooting. When you put it together with the email where Towery invites a group of interstate criminal intelligence analysts to focus with him on "Leftist Anarchists" and also consider that Towery suggested to that same person that he learn "small unit tactics" - as in military unit tactics - the picture shifts somewhat. It's clear that no one rose to the bait, but seriously - where do you think that line was going? You suppose his employers just wanted to make sure their spying targets could shoot back?
@7: It's only paranoia if they AREN'T out to get you. These emails show that they clearly were, and are.…

Note that if your fears are real, it is by definition not paranoia.
@ 7: You are neither competent to judge my mental state, nor do you have my consent - and you certainly don't have a license. I asked you a question: where did you think that line was going to go? If you can't answer that honestly, then maybe this isn't your discussion.
@4, 6 & 9. Since you're on here I just want to say thanks, man! That's a lot of bullshit you've had to put up with and I appreciate your activism.
seconded, thanks drew
also this is what ARMY was so scared of…
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People who say they have nothing to hide and so are not concerned about the NSA collecting data on all Americans would be wise to pay heed to this story of shameful exploits by our military intelligence groups—carried out it seems in conjunction with the FBI & other intelligence orgs.

Kudos to The Stranger & to Brendan for shedding light on this story!