That's pretty great. I wonder if they carefully planned the time of day/night to construct it so as to minimize any potential confrontation with the neighbors.
Some people less fortunate than those writing and reading this, probably just call this a shelter.
However I have seen this guy around recently. And he certainly does put extra effort and flair into to it.
Jen, if my constitution would allow it, I'd love doing LSD with you.
I think I know who's responsible for that...
I saw the poor guy sitting in there. It's his home.
If it's someone's shelter, that is indeed unfortunate. Otherwise, it just looks like a pile of fucking trash on the street.
Strongly reminiscent of the art of New Orleans native Arthur Raymond Smith:…
Actually, homeless folk sometimes create quite elaborate shelters, from what I've seen in ATL (where I lived the longest), SF (where the homeless population is enormous) and in other cities. Maybe some of them actually long for a semblance of order, ritual, even beauty.

Despite the brief nod to debate about the origins of the piece/shelter/unknown, there's a strong whiff of divorcement from reality in this short writing, especially given that 2 commenters apparently know this to be a shelter.

The enemies of art are always seeking proof that its makers and audience are elitist and out of touch. I loathe the stereotype, but I fear Graves has only given it credibility.
Ugh, this is some poor person's shelter, I saw them in their on Saturday hiding from the rain. This whole post is "elitist art critic" b.s.
I.E. this whole post lacked humanity and compassion for the person who has made this their living space.
It is a homeless person's camp/shelter. It was reconstructed on 10th & Pike (in Soul Repair's doorway) on Monday night -- with new hobbie-horse adornments add on top!
I hope to God Peck's source material for the pictured piece was childhood forts and not homeless kitsch.

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