Here's How You Buy a Bestseller


"The poor will be with you always, but the Son of Mars Hill gots to get famous quick."

2 Hesitations 5:23
Make money from home! Typing fake gift messages into Amazon to game the best seller lists.
My idealism is in the bone. I still feel shock at chicanery.
"Thou shall not bear false witness..." whaaat?

Greed will take in anyone, it doesn't discriminate.
I'm sure that's what Jesus did to sell The Bible way back when.
Keep on hammering at that cult and its leaders! Thank you for being the ONLY major media out there who continually investigates and exposes the dealings of Mars Hill and its bigoted leaders and staff. This church needs to be taken DOWN. It's harming way more people than it's helping.

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Basically the same technique Joe Kennedy used to pump “Why England Slept.” He had thousands of copies of it in the basement of his mansion.
Seems the least MH could do is donate all those unread books to the homeless - I'll bet they'd make excellent fuel for a trash-can fire.
well, it's a business tactic, then? there are apparently firms that researched this and have done it enough to know how it works. so lots of people/publishers do it... it would seem. it's a form a publicity, and a shrewd one at that. i'm glad you reported it, cause it's interesting and it looks bad. but i'm not seeing how this is that big of a deal/surprise.
Buying your own books that you plagiarized! Ha haha ha. I would love to think this is some grand Kaufmannesque joke, but I guess it's on the people who pony up at Mars Hill. I am still laughing though.
In America, you can buy legitimacy. It has always been thus.
@10 because it's inherently dishonest. Exceptionally hypocritical for a pastor, but gaming the system this way is unacceptable for any author.
I bet Dan doesn't do that with his books.
couldn't we all play along? go to amazon and give a "fair" review? maybe 1 star. detailing why?
@12: Honestly reminding me a bit of how late in Japan's feudal/imperial era, people with sufficient wealth could buy the title of "samurai". Actual samurai who had spent their lives training to fight bravely and seek out opposing champions on the battlefield were not enthused.
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#15 FTW