Officers Cleared in Columbia City SWAT Shooting Inquest


Wow. Goldy's gone, about 75% of Slog posts are now about food and music, and there are hardly any comments on the few, like this one, that have some minimum of substance.
It must be Friday afternoon...
Step 1 be a cop.

Step 2 put yourself behind a vehicle that's backing out

Step 3 open fire

Your buddies will have your back. That's why it's not murder.
were they even behind the car?
Trying to get away in a car surrounded by swat is really stupid.
Scumbag 0, Society 1.
WA states laws and legal culture gives zero accountability to law enforcement in how they deal with the public.

An SPD officer could drunkenly spray bullets into a bus filled with native and hispanic preschoolers, and

1- The Officer review board will say they were warranted, so long as they came up with one of their pre-fab lawyer defenses (thought I saw a gun/suspect moved suspiciously/felt in dangerous).

2- Prosecutors will softball any legal proceedings that manage to get through to try the cops. 'Whitewash' the grand jury, to use the legal term by filling it with relatives of cops, conservatives, no-minorities, or people who live int he rural areas nowhere near the city where it occured.

Nothing short of a referendum either banning police unions, mandating shoulder cams statewide + deflecting benefit of testimony when the cam 'malfunctions' or is off (as the SPD are known to do with their dash cams), and banning other officers from serving on community complaint review boards (The OPA is staffed with cops).

Otherwise, just pray you dont meet a cop on a bad day, or you are the right skin color with the right last name, or the cops just dont massively screw up as they did here. Because a badge in WA state is a big 'get out of jail free card'. Ask Ian Birk and Zolt Dornay.
Also @2

Goldy picked more than a few bad calls during his time here. Remember how he backed Mayor McGinn and attacked/deflected concerns about rampant police abuse and racism? He didnt call out the tunnel, even though it was one of the few things that Seattles left were questioning and right wing minority wanted (aka the developers who own the city council).

The Slog needs fewer privileged hipsters and more 'boots on the ground' reporters. It can go two ways at this point, it could become another portland mercury (positive) or a more 'cap hill' oriented version of mynorthwest (not positive).
So did the other blog LINE OUT prove to be a stupid idea to the masses? I liked it, please consider bringing it back.
@9, are you implying that Goldy was a "privileged hipster"? That's pretty funny.

But if you're not so doing (or even if you are), I agree that more boots-on-the-ground reporters are needed, reporters who press until they get some sort of answer. Anna Minard is one, and Dom. But that's not enough for an all-city news source like Stranger/Slog.
I used to be a boots-on-the-ground reporter, but I was in Cafe Vita one day, and just like wen Ansl Herste got his camera stolen, someone surreptitiously unlaced my my Army Surlpus kicks, slid em off, and out the door. I'm asking, in the spirit of Goldie's plea to Slog during the camera crisis, to please help me out. The boots cost about as much as one of the buttons on Ansl's camera. Email your pledge to Paul Canstant. He'll forwrd me the cash. Thanks.
It basically sounds like stand your ground for police officers. Even the slightest risk is an acceptable basis for killing someone. Feh.
@2, I noticed that too. And when Josh and Erica left Slog didn't turn into 96% fluff material. I'm thinking that the powers that be at the Stranger are working on changing the direction of the paper. It would make sense to start on Slog and change the direction from a mix of news and arts to mainly arts. Maybe Tim thinks since he isn't doing the unpaid interns he can make more money by being a primarily arts paper?

Dom is one of the best things to happen to the slog. The same with Anna, the slog is sitting with a diamond in the rough with her. I dont think they even know it yet. As for Dom, Ive been following him since his days at the evergreen in pullman. He has a talent, boldness (and legitimacy) that reaches out to audiences beyond those that the slog daily readership gets him in the Seattle metro. But he also has plenty of time to grow into that further.

But sadly, yes, Goldy was a privileged hipster. Or at least that was the demographic he espoused and supported above all others.
The main reason noone really cares about these shootings is because the cops don't shoot white people. Carry on with your off-topic conversation about Stranger writers. Fuck the dead.
I do agree that Slog has some excellent talent. Dom, Eli, Anna come to mind. I used to think that KOMO/KING etc. would adhere to full classic reporting. That is no longer the case. There is better copy written here than on KOMONEWS.COM. So, yes, let's hope that Slog doesn't turn into mostly fluff.
I missed something. What happened to Goldy?
The fact is that it's nearly impossible for the police to be held accountable. Understand that if they choose to break into your house and shoot you in your sleep, they will be let off the hook. No matter the circumstances. Anyone who trusts the police as individuals or as a department is absolutely delusional.
@18: Aunt Clara turned him into an old goat and she can't remember how to unlock the spell.
@15, you're calling a late-40s-early-50s angry East Coast Jew raising a teenaged daughter a "privileged hipster"? Oy.

Yes. I don't care about his religion or children or age. His values and perspectives were purely from the 'privileged, white, upper middle class seattlite' perspective. Which is OK, but you have to remember half of the city does not fall into that category... Even more so for the readers.

@16. You're sort of right. People do notice, and care, but it doesn't have the same effect as it does when a white person is killed. They don't know what its like to live in a city where your skin color makes you a target for the state, and at any time some racist cop with a hard on to shoot someone can murder you or your kids and get away with it.
"They don't know what its like to live in a city where your skin color makes you a target for the state, and at any time some racist cop with a hard on to shoot someone can murder you or your kids and get away with it. "

Get real. This fucker was wanted for armed robbery, they're warranted shooting at him just for fleeing, let alone aiming his vehicle at them. You people need to get a grip.

Sure, because every black, native and latino person targeted or assaulted by police is guilty of something!

Arent you the same guy that was arguing that all blacks are criminal subhumans?

[checks your previous posts]

Yep. Thats you. So what precinct do you work?