Pramila Jayapal to Run for State Senate in 37th District


Cool - going to be fun hearing about this!
The Dems may or may not be in trouble in Washington State, but Miloscia "defecting" to the party he's always philosophically been a part of proves nothing.
Better to have a useless looney leftist than an affective liberal.
@ 2 Trouble? GOP has no bench
And they don't stand for anything my god you leftys are too high on weed, go look at their webpage see what they stand for, just stop bitching that not lefty party.
Had wondered if Harrell was going to jump in for Kline. If so, Jayapal just leapfrogged him.
@2 Dems are definitely in trouble, in part because they are failing to mobilize people of color, but also because their Olympia delegation has forgotten how to lead. Pramila might be able to help on both those issues. We will see.
Can't wait for the Linda Brill interview.
Louis Watanabe is also running. Both seem like particularly outstanding individuals. The 37th is lucky to have them. The senate needs new recruits who have a strength of character that can persevere in Rodney Tom's Chamber of Hell... Or whatever new level of Hell the senate descends to in 2016.
Also, Linnea Fichter is running. She's a strong candidate as well.
Fantastic! And refreshing. (Although I wish she'd run for Congress.) She'll make a strong leader with a different perspective, if she's elected.
The State level Dems are a joke. It was their idiocy that brought Rodney Tom "in" from the Republican Party in the first place. The whole Party leadership should retire and make way for a new generation of younger, more energetic, more progressive, and (yes) more savvy activists. The "Roadkill Caucus" isn't the main problem these days, it's the mainstream Dems who are roadblocks to anything good getting done.
@2: Yes, Sarah, Miloscia has always been philosophically a member of the GOP. I guess that's why in the House, he had an almost flawless pro-labor voting record, why he was the House's leading champion for the homeless and economically disadvantaged, a tireless fighter for transparency and accountability in government, and a staunch opponent of the death penalty. I didn't like his positions on reproductive rights and marriage equality any more than you do, but on economic issues, he was a hell of a lot more liberal than, say, Larry Springer or Reuven Carlyle. But hey, never pass up a chance to display your ignorance in public.