Lazy Firewood Cat Sends His Regards


I don't know why—I've made that drive 82 billions times and now it's bugging me... south of Weed, and not Shasta? Dunsmuir? Where's tha kitteh?

Also, don't use the bathroom at the old-timey lookin' gas station. Or, if you do, be aware of the mannequin-in-the-tub gag.
thats an awesome band name
@1 - I can't remember! It think it was basically Shasta, but a little pull-off that wasn't quite Shasta "proper" haha. And OMFG THAT MANNEQUIN BATHTUB!! I have screamed at the top of my lungs in that gas station. Ugh. And the racist bumper stickers. Totally forgot about that stop!