SXSW Tour Diary: "Seattle's Best All Girl and All Guy Dream Pop Shoegaze Band"


I like these guys, just from this. Plus the music.
Nice music. Funny article.
A couple things:

-I know Brady is as game as myself when it comes to punishing your body with "exotic" fast food, but Whataburger is a pit of disappointment.

-It's hard for me to feel bad about them having to play their first show the night they landed, after the 26 hour push my old band did from LA to Austin once. No sleep. All the tequila. A dead buzzard. 45 minutes for 6 people to shower back at our single motel room after loading out just before needing to be onstage. Murder.

Good peeps, though! Hope they have a great time!
@1 Agreed. Pet pics were a nice bonus.
Terrible tragedy tonight. 2 killed, 23 injured. Drunk driver.…

I hope, Ephrata, you are safe somewhere.
Did you say grody aging music dorks? I'm offended. Just kidding.
Great blog post! More, please! More, more, more!

Also, just now listening to your generously provided free tracks on Bandcamp... really damn good. Looking forward to seeing you live in Seattle.
@LEE: You take that back about Whataburger!

@Kelly: We were all far away from that incident. So lame. Don't drink and drive, people! It's not worth it.
I hate to say it, but this article really made me dislike your band. You make good music, but your attitude is about as hipster-dick as it can be and that sucks. Sorry. Be less douchy, and I'll care about you more. Especially the kids comment. I have kids. They cry sometimes. You did too when you were that age. Suck it up and be an empathetic human. Maybe then I'll empathize with your challenges starting a band and buy your stuff.
Oh paulus22, we don't hate babies, especially your baby! We just hate loud, repetitive, arrhythmic, shrieking noises, as most people do (that's not a hipster-dick thing, that's just a regular people-dick thing!). If it makes any difference, we didn't make nasty faces or comments at the mother, she'll never know that we snarked about her child on a big blog and, in fact, we smiled heartily at the baby and waved and cooed when he looked at us with his dumb little baby eyes! Either way, we're sorry we raised your hackles in such a way, and we'll do anything for you to like us as much as you like our music. Whatever we can do to gain your empathy and get you to buy our free music, just let us know! Jules said she'll even have a baby (not your baby, since you're married, but somebody's baby!) if it will make you like us again.