Fittingly the "better in your browser" version results in a mostly blank black box with sound running in the background in the browser I used (Safari 5.1.9 on Mac). Works fine via the embedded youtube link with full screen.
Nope. No confusion. The federal government feels mistakenly like it has the right to force me to buy a financial tool I don't need or want.

It hasn't . I won't. Nor will I pay one damn dime in fines for being an American citizen who believes in his liberty.

What's hard to understand?
And just to be clear-
The commerce clause affects interstate commerce only. Most medical transactions have no interstate element. That clause, even if it was applicable, allows the feds to regulate interstate commerce. It doesn't allow mandating commerce. And the mandate is, oddly, among the least invasive power grabs on the part of Herr Obama in Obamacare. There's all sorts of privacy and other issues in this tyrannical law.

So keep beating the drum for "free" healthcare (which means you steal the costs from others who made good choices). It's still profoundly bad and entirely unconstitutional law.

So you don't have car insurance, right?
This apple to orange comparison again?

First, there's no federal requirements for me to have car insurance. So fail there.

Second, I drive as a privilege granted me by the state. Part of that privilege is proving I can pay for damage I might do while driving.

I can avoid paying auto insurance by not driving. I cannot avoid subsidizing other peoples health care except by breaking the law under Obamacare.

Auto insurance doesn't mandate how my mechanic foes business, how he keeps records, or that he share those records with the state. All of which Obamacare insists on doing by violating the privacy of my doctors office.

Finally, if I can demonstrate means to pay for such damage I can opt out of auto insurance. I can't with your furhers Obamacare.
@ 5,

Then you either walk to your destinations via our commutastic sidewalks or take our satanic public transit. I've heard that Metro drivers float on water!

Unless you've created your own 100% self-sustainable island farm, then even you are a communoislamabortionist.
Miss Thing here @3 understands the Constitution better than the Supreme Court. She and her family are also made of super-human flesh that suffers neither illness nor injury.

A god comments among us. Make a note of it, people.
I'll try this one more time...


The ACA only makes it more efficient.

Again, paying for other people's health care is nothing new. You've been doing it forever. So have I. At least now we get some transparency along with it.
"I cannot avoid subsidizing other peoples health care except by breaking the law under Obamacare."

When you become seriously ill do you have hundreds of thousands of dollars set aside to pay for your care or are you going to rely on the rest of us to subsidize your care? If you get in a serious accident or get cancer do you have the millions of dollars set aside to pay for your care? Whether you like President Obama or not It is irresponsible to go without health insurance. If you don't have the money in savings for future health problems, and flat out refuse to get health insurance, you're basically a freeloader in waiting.
I always have to laugh when Seattleblues shows up to prove how little he knows about anything.

He does not even know that how doctors do business was already heavily legislated long before the ACA, as was most facets of health insurance.

By the way, no one is impressed with your bullshit internet tough guy act, so you may as well drop it, along with your other funny little lies. You should ask your black wife how she feels about her family being uninsured...oh wait, or is she Chinese on this site? I can never seem to remember.
In order-

Plessy v Fergusson was law according to you terms. It was still profoundly wrong, as is Obamacare.

Government never did anything better, more efficiently, more cost effectively or more transparently than private business. Ever. Not once.

We have substantial assets. But before mein furhers Obamacare we also had catastrophic care insurance. It was our best option, which no longer exists. If what I want isn't available I'll not be buying crap I neither need nor want.

What other site, Teddy? Smoking crack this early isn't healthy, buddy.
Ah dear Auntie Seattleblues once again impressing us all with her ignorance.
@11,2,3 (and whatever other prime numbers she's taken.)

"But before mein furhers Obamacare we also had catastrophic care insurance."

Catastrophic care was the biggest scam of the insurance industry. I looked into it when I was laid off but it wasn't worth the paper it was written on. The lifetime caps would have bankrupted me in a real emergency. You were a freeloader in waiting with that "insurance" and you really are a freeloader in waiting with no insurance.
Government never did anything better, more efficiently, more cost effectively or more transparently than private business. Ever. Not once.
Two cities I've lived in switched from private utility providers to public. Both did so because the private companies were less efficient, more costly, and less transparent than their public alternatives.

Also, see: Interstate Highway System, National Park Service, National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, Public Broadcasting System, etc.
@11: Government isn't about efficiency and cost effectiveness. It's about getting shit done. And you, my friend, are a liar as well as a criminal.
Want to send people to the moon? Our government did that 45 years ago; private companies are still just flirting with putting rich tourists in orbit. Want to build a transcontinental railroad? Private industry tried for decades and only managed to get it done when Uncle Sam funded and standardized the project. Interstate highways? I'd like to see a private firm even try.

The private sector is about making money. The public sector is about serving its constituents. The latter may find more efficient ways to provide a product, but it is the combined resources of the people that provide key innovations and--here's the important part--make them widely available.
Example: there are many rare but serious diseases which have cures only because of federal funding. No company devotes serious resources to develop a product they won't turn a profit on, not unless Uncle Sam is willing to cover the bill for the good of the people. The private sector only accomplishes what will make a profit, not what needs to be done.

We regulate cars, foodstuffs, building materials, and many other consumer products to ensure a certain standard of quality and safety. Please explain why insurance should be somehow exempt.

Also, the SCotUS upheld the ACA as a tax. Congress has the power to levy taxes on income under the 14th Amendment (so long as taxes are consistent across the whole country), and you can be taxed extra for failing to meet certain requirements. Commerce Clause has nothing to do with it in this case.

Finally, Plessy v. Ferguson is NOT law. Never was. It was PRECEDENT; learn the difference, you ignorant wastrel. However, it is no longer standing precedent, as it was overturned in Brown v. Board of Education.
To dig into the details of the cases, the first ruled (correctly in theory but incorrectly in practice) that "separate but equal" accommodations did not violate the 14th Amendment's guarantee of "equal protection of the laws", and the second recognized that "separate but equal" accommodations are realistically inherently unequal.
@11: The other site I see you comment on, Goldy's Horse's Ass, where you post under a name that is something like "lost in a sea of blue." You say the same things in the same way there, and there you have a Chinese wife and were/are going through law school or something.

It is not hard to tell, you even use the same types of terms, and use the whole "well, off to go fishing with the son" line when you lose an argument and need to justify no longer commenting on something. I do not know why you think it is hard to tell it is the same person.

Also, if your plan is just to freeload of the system in medical emergencies, I better not see you on this site or Goldy's talking about parasites and freeloaders, since your plan is to have other people pay for your medical care.
@5 You could avoid paying health insurance by stopping breathing. Just a suggestion, but it does solve a lot of your problems.

Whatever, Teddy. Is this Horses Ass where Goldstein landed? How extreme does a person have to be to lose their job at a far left whack job site like this for being too nutty left? The other site must be hilarious if they picked the clown up. This one touches reality rarely. That one must be complete in disconnection with objective reality.
Speaking of disconnected from reality. ^This one thinks if she pretends hard enough she's not trolling both sites people will actually believer her. You're one - wait, make that two - of a kind, Lostinaseattleofblues.
Whatever. I was on this Horses Ass this morning too, apparently. Must be a fugue thing, because I don't recall it.

Whoever is actually posting on that site must be possessed of opinions of rare sense though if they sound like mine. Good to know the region has more decent citizens!

Oh, and speaking of reality, he is the objectively correct pronoun. As opposed to our mentally ill 'transgendered friends who just can't figure human anatomy.
I actually don't really mind the trolls. The Internet gives a safe place for these sociopaths to vent without them having to resort to murder.
@21 LOL eats at you doesn't Auntie Seattleblues, Lets keep those stomach acids churning shall we dear.
@Seattleblues, it's so sad. If you can't even lie on the Internet, what the fuck can you do?
Your total incompetence is mind boggling.
Must be a fugue thing, because I don't recall it.
Proper medical care might help you with your memory problems.

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