The Jazz Diaspora: Get Hip To Jutta Hipp


Way hip. Not even wasting time on these vids. Jutta is on my record shopping list.
WTF is with the non-stop music posts recently? Did y'all just get high and play Youtube tag?
I remember her -- her playing was pleasant but not original. That was a time of so many great piano men in jazz, you'd have to be really good (like Mary Lou Williams) and really determined to rise to the top as a woman. She just didn't stand out.

Ewwww, gross. The thought of getting high with someone who writes for The Stranger just brings up uncomfortable feelings. Except for maybe Brissey.
No one was reading the music blog, LineOut, so they dumped all those crappy posts in here with the rest of slog. The good thing about it is it has reduced my compulsion to open up slog and check in at odd hours, knowing that if I do check in I will be greeted by a bunch of tripe about music I am not interested in.
I like having Line Out and Slog on the same page, it's always interesting to me to hear some new music.