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Pretty funny. I like the name of the artist. Though if I may, I'd like to make a suggestion. I think Jordan would be better as the first name, and change Robyn to Robin, just because I'm biased to those little flying creatures. Jordan Robin, what do you think? Anyone else have thoughts?
This is what Irish culture has become in the US: Drunkenness, cheap 4 leaf clover head gear, River Dancing and bigoted Boston Parades. Could be worse.
Somebody threw out a cool cat with a hat and a sweater? That's fucked up.
@2--You say "bigoted Biston parades" like it's a bad thing...
Condom, "yay." Green condom? "Nay"
No potatoes... Green foods. We need an Irish Suey Park to remind the world that being Irish is something you should STFU about until you've experienced your ancestors starving and your cultural history being a punchline.

PS I can say these things because I'm a fraction Irish.…
The Dark History Of Green Food On St. Patrick's Day

"People were so deprived of food that they resorted to eating grass," Kinealy tells The Salt. "In Irish folk memory, they talk about people's mouths being green as they died."
At least the tampon doesn't look used.
Tampon? I thought that was a lighter.

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