OK Glass: Wait. No. Go back. No. Play Led Zeppelin. No, Not a Documentary About Led Zeppelin. Ok, Play Steely Dan.


Like I said

Glad the battery shrank though
This is how voice technology feels in general to me. It's okay for calling someone in the car, but beyond that it's pretty terrible. It's basically like navigating a phone tree, but you have to guess the structure. Every so often I hit something it has actually been programmed for, but usually it's just a bunch of attempts by me to come up with a synonym the programmers may have thought of and then trying to figure out how to pronounce words like "high" as distinct from "hi".
Nick Starr is not the ambassador that Google wants for Glass. Hence the reason they kicked him out of the Seattle group. He will of course cry foul and that he again was being mistreated.....
Once I was on the street and ran across this guy who was the biggest asshole ever. He looked at my family like they were pieces of shit stuck to his shoe, and clearly thought he was better than everyone else. It was like he was offended to be on the same sidewalk as us.

Yes, he was wearing google glass. How did you guess?
I can see this as important piece of technology for people with dexterity issues or a quadriplegic.
Right now Glass is a solution looking for a problem, like most new tech. Early adopters with money to burn will always buy the newest toys and take a lot of grief for it from the rest of us, but before you know it everybody has to have one and won't be able to imagine life without it. See: smart phones, and dumb mobile phones before that, and push-button-instead-of-rotary phones before that, then the phone period. Yeah, Glass might ultimately bomb, but there are plenty of other products aimed at the same market, and one of them is going to stick and pretty soon you'll be looking at your friend with the old handheld smartphone the same way you look at grandma now with her Nokia 6150. It's ok to be uncomfortable with that version of the future, but it's naive to insist it will never happen.
@4 The lady doth project too much, methinks
The way I look at it, is what I want is something that does the equivalent of my knowledgeable friend, who knows where everything is in say, Manhattan.

So, it doesn't even have to be visual...auditory would be better, so you can skip the glass, and just have one of those hands free bluetooth in-ear headsets.

Then, you want it to be smart, so you'd hook it up to Watson. Then as you walk around you'd conversationally both give and get information.

It might be slightly stilted, there may be a restricted language in use, just for efficiency.

-Is there art nearby?
-Guggenheim is three blocks head, and two to the left
-I'm hungry. Yelp: 2-4 star. Lunch place
-Three Guys Restaurant. Cross the street. 505 people recommend the corned beef

Or on my bicycle, etc

That's all I need.
it's just not encompassing enough! i want a whole damn mask* which acts an active buffer against the real world. presenting my-side with sports-scores and seinfeld re-reruns, and the outward side with an anonymizing pretty visage (possibly something Gosling or Venetian carnival)

*Fezzik: Why are you wearing a mask? Were you burned by acid or something like that?
Man in Black: Oh, no, it's just they're terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.
I remember feeling like this about cordless telephones.
@3: I can't wait for the next narcissistic trend he glomps onto to try to substitute for a personality.
@10: That makes little sense, I had never met anyone who was confused or anything but excited about the utility and implications of cordless telephones until this moment.

The criticisms about Glass and Oculus devices are not about wearable computers. If that was the case, smartphones would not have taken off.
I'm sure you're right. Time will tell.